1. VioAmethyst

    Hello from Lancs!

    Ello, I'm Vio, from t' northwest. I've always said a man should have a Mercedes before he's 25, but the Mercedes-Maybach s600 that I wanted was still a little out of my price range, so I got this 21-year old C class for £750 instead. It's a c200 sport with just under 100k on the clock. I'd...
  2. Meldrew2

    Southport & West Lancs afternoon run & Curry. 25 September.

    Is anyone interested? Thinking of meeting around lunchtime in a location close to the M6 or M58. Either meeting about 12 for Sunday Lunch or around 1pm if joining after the meal. A run around West Lancashire (some nice country roads) with a coffee stop or two, finishing at "Shamraat"...
  3. Gollom

    Short run/GTG Preston, Lancs Sun 21/8

    In celebration of SuzyCute's new acquisition we are going to meet up with Lisa110rry in her own SLK for a short blast up the M6 then a bite of lunch at Barton Grange. If you want to join us, we are meeting at Bamber Bridge B&Q 12:00 (High Noon!) this Sunday - Lisa said you cannot miss her...
  4. D

    Newbie from Preston, Lancs

    Howdy I'm Dan from Preston, Lancs :) Joined here as I'm looking to sell my current MG ZT-T V6 190 and get, hopefully, a nice Mercedes C32 AMG or an E39 530i, or possibly a 540i. Also interested in the E60 530i's but they're a bit too pricy currently (those without daft mileage). Really...
  5. F

    Quality wheel refurbishers in West Lancs

    I had my wheels refurbished recently and am so pleased with the results that I thought I would give the company a mention. If you live in this neck of the woods and your alloys need some tlc take a look at their website - Tilling Alloy Wheel Refurbishment | Powder Coating Preston, Blackpool...
  6. D

    New 110 CDi owner in lancs.

    Hi just joined the forum as ive just bought a 110 CDi Vito. The plan is to convert it into a part time camper with space for using for flooring work. Hi to all fellow members.
  7. Gollom

    Great Mercedes independent in Preston, Lancs

    Steven at Complete Vehicle Maintenance Preston - Independent Mercedes-Benz Specialists, Servicing, Repairs, Tyres & MOT Testing in Preston is MB time served and has set up shop in Preston (just round corner from Asda and very close to J31a M6/M55) Has done an MOT and some splendid work on my...
  8. C

    A GOOD mercedes auto electrician in Lancs or Kent please

    Hi all, Can I please get a name or contact for a good auto electrician who knows mercs and can work on oddball cars like kit cars and the like. Basically someone who can wire up an om611 (220 cdi) into a car that I can provide ready-fitted with the engine and all its loom intact...
  9. P

    Hello from Skelmersdale lancs

    Hi all. Just got my first merc. Clk 230k I wish I had tried one of these years ago.
  10. trapperjohn

    124s Preston Lancs.

    1992 MERCEDES 300TE AUTO SILVER " EXCELLENT CONDITION " | eBay Not mine but I know this car. Not a fourmatic (Going from memory) But the guy is selling it for his Dad.
  11. R

    Independent Specialist in E Lancs Sought

    Can anyone recommend a good independent specialist in the Burnley area? I have an ABC warning light which comes on intermittently on my 2003 SL500. Sometimes the light is red:eek:, sometimes it doesn't come on at all. Can anyone help? Thanks
  12. S

    lime tree garage Holton Lancs

    Just had my W163 55AMG there for MOT , full service and to sort a few niggles, spot on service , car runs and drives now as it should do for a big tourqey V8. all inclusive for less than 500 pounds inc the dreaded VAT has to go back as the mechanic managed to stick the air recirc...
  13. G

    Newbie From Fleetwood in Lancs!

    Hi everyone! Just thought I'd say hello - hope you're all well! I've just become the owner of a '97 C200 Elegance Auto - my first ever Merc which I am loving by the way! I've been told that the accelerator pedal works off a sensor and I find that on first startup I'm having to wait 4 or 5...
  14. stats007

    Anyone near Preston, Lancs?

    Need a wee favour...
  15. I

    MB specialist - Lancs west coast (Blackpool area)

    May be a long shot but anyone know a good MB specialist around the Blackpool area - possibly Preston too?
  16. E

    Blackburn Lancs

    Alan Price in Blackburn. For Mercs Beemers and Porche. He drives a classic Merc himself with over 500K on the clock!!
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