1. G

    My new C63s has landed - one excited puppy

    3 months waiting and its finally arrived. Previously owned a C63s estate, and whilst this is still on the running in phase there are some really noticeable differences. Gearbox: none of the previous clunkiness pulling away from standstill. Much improved. Rear setup: I know the coupe...
  2. grober

    The X-37B has landed!

    Yep after two years in orbit the X-37B US space drone landed yesterday at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The US remains tight lipped about what its been doing while up there.
  3. L

    Just Landed

    Hi Guys / Gals, new member here, my name is Lee, just bought a 12 plate C220 Sport in red, love it and love the forum, hope to get to know you Cheers
  4. jonnyboy

    look what landed at my yard today

    Well Santa came early to my yard today, look what his sleigh was towing (weighed down he was):- I've no doubt the questions will follow from me apace. Santa had a problem manoeuvring the w108 as it had no steering box therefore it's front wheels were independent of...
  5. thebook

    The coupe has landed...

    Car delivered at 11.20 this morning. Absolutely stunning! The metallic white is more pearlescent than metallic. The interior is a dark red (photos make it look far brighter than reality). Panoramic sunroof is great (but obviously not used today). Nav50 is just what I wanted so not...
  6. talbir

    The Eagles have landed

    Finally, finally, the Gemballa and new Spruce green 500E landed on my front garden yesterday. Gemballa was on a truck, 500e driven by the company on trade plates....we got a puncture 100 yards from my house...perfect timing, good luck all round ! Here's a link to the hastily taken...
  7. R

    ZO6 landed and nearly road legal

    Hi Well the zo6 finaly landed in chatham docks a couple of weeks ago and is being prepped for its sva test in a couple of weeks. All I can say is what a fantastic car! The UK cold air has given it a new leash of life as its far stronger than when it was out in the states. Also, the return...
  8. L

    Aussie E320 has landed!

    Pics are here: This car rides like a dream! :bannana: :bannana:
  9. OGiii

    The E200 Kompressor has landed!

    After what feels like a lifetime, the new E200K arrived yesterday:bannana: I am well happy with it. I was really worried about the 'lack' of performance having previously enjoyed 200 Turbo Charged horses, but I have to say that the performance is much better than expected, not at all...
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