1. Dannyallen89

    Some landrover bits

    Hi all since getting shot of the landrover I have a few things I want rid of so for sale: Travall dog guard 3 month old £40 Boot mat (plastic) free Floor mats £20 Sat nav disc free Collection only txt me 07453966990 for any info. Newcastle upon Tyne Photos will follow I will get some pics...
  2. NDFR

    Landrover 101 Forward control

    I have a friend in Germany wanting to buy a Landcover 101 aka Forward control a link below if you're not sure what they look like. He...
  3. D

    We need a Landrover sub-forum

    I've been chatting to a few people about Landrover / RangeRovers. It's clear that there are a fair few number of owners on here. It's even clearer that those who don't either look on and admire the bravery of us owners, or plan to be one themselves. Come on admin - let's have a sub-forum...
  4. KillerHERTZ

    LEGO Land-Rover Defender 110

    Not official, but totally amazing the detail, even has working disc brakes! LINK aXW-7DVIyU0& He needs to make a G-Wagon
  5. crockers

    LandRover Evoque

    Was passing LR garage so stopped to look at the Evoque. I have to admit it is far better in the flesh. In fact it's a stunning looking car. I'm very tempted when prices settle. :thumb: Has anyone driven one yet?
  6. H

    Jaguar LandRover Want Bail-out Cash.

    It's not just GM and Ford and Chrysler in the USA that are in trouble and asking the govt for financial help. According to the Sunday Times Tata are asking the UK govt for aid due to plumetting sales figures and heavy losses. LandRover sales were down 58% in October.
  7. stats007

    Windows Landrover Diagnosis

    Clicky -> :D
  8. glojo

    Landrover is to buy the trademark name 'Rover'!

    Land Rover is to buy the trademark of collapsed car giant Rover. Ford, which owns Land Rover, has told German carmaker BMW it wants to exercise an offer to acquire the Rover name. The trademark was not included in negotiations to sell the collapsed British car firm to Chinese company Nanjing...
  9. Mozzer

    Landrover Disco TDV6 SE Advice

    Anyone tell me any horror stories / good points about this car (the new shape Landy) as I think I am about to buy one, unless the general consensus is "Run, run for your life" ? Cheers Stuart
  10. WLeg

    Any disco ( Landrover) fans here ?

    Been offered this....(quote from email) It’s a ES TD5 7 SEAT 5 Door Sports with sunroof. The body type is ‘off road’. 2.5 Diesel, Java Black external, Smokestone Grey internal. Its done 57,1000 miles. On top of the list price for an ES, there are other extra’s which seem mandatory to me...
  11. mercmanuk

    landrover freelander

    landrover freelander,5 door black,td4 hse,2ltr turbo diesal,54 plate,7k miles,sat nav,full leather,manual and electric pack,unmarked condition a friend is selling this due to emigrating on the 17th august,someone said they were having the car bet changed their mind leaving him 2 weeks to...
  12. A

    Landrover Freelander TD4 (new model) - Any issues I should know about?

    Morning all, I am seriously considering getting a new model Freelander TD4 SE - does anyone know of any issues that I should be aware of? I can't find many forums that are frequently used specifically for Landrovers, therefore struggling for information!! Thanks In Advance!
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