1. H

    M6 Tag interfernce with Lane Assist

    Quick question if you can help.... Could an M6 smart tage sitting in the cop holder on a W222 affect the Lane Assistance system?
  2. W

    Active Lane Assist

    My car stated "Active Lane Assist" in the advert when I purchased it. I know there's varying types of this system, so do I have the type that can steer the car back between the white lines, or does it just rumble the steering wheel? Also, I have Parktronic but can this only be used for...
  3. T

    Slip Lane Con Men

    Morning All, Anyone come across these? I am seeing them more, & more often. What can we do about them? They do rip off a hell of a lot of people! Regards
  4. P

    W213 lane change assist -possible to activate retrospectively?

    I've got a w213 with the full drive pilot package. It's an early 2016 car so was out before the lane change assist was deemed legal in the UK. I'm assuming it's legal now as i see it offered in the merc configurator. I've got all the right hardware so i wondered if it's possible to...
  5. M.Khalid

    (W204 Facelift) Lane Keeping Assist?

    Hi Everyone, I was looking on AutoTrader for some W204 Facelift C63 Sedan as I may buy one in the near future, and I asked myself the following question: -Does every (or almost every) C63 facelift have Lane Keeping assist? No one mentions Lane Keeping Assist on their adds, however you...
  6. afflier

    Active Lane Keeping Assistant problem

    Got an issue with the Active Lane Keeping Assistant on my 2013 s204 C63. Everything seems fine, system comes on line OK but as soon as the vehicle 'drifts' over a line i.e. activating the warning vibration and/or braking/steering correction, the system fails and a warning comes up on screen...
  7. Brian 1

    Have a trip down memory lane - 1960's Britain on Film - Episode 2 Play - Look at Life FULL EPISODE
  8. C

    Lane assist

    My e220 has what looks like a camera lens pointing forwards Some one told me it's some lane assistant. And that if I drift across a white line the stealing who'll will vibrate...... It doesn't lol So is the camera just fitted as standard and connected if paid for via an extra? Or it...
  9. grumpyoldgit

    £940 for lane hogging.

    About time too. Is this beginning of end for UK's most irritating drivers as 'middle lane hogger' given huge fine - Mirror Online
  10. MD5

    Motorway lane discipline - would these help?

    As per title, but probably a budget buster. How about gantry signage?
  11. Howard

    It's not called 'Water Lane' for nothing

    High water at teddington is at 1610 today , this is at 1600 :( Unless it's the James Bond model ?
  12. cinek

    Madness in the fast lane

    I have been following this story pretty much since when it happened. It took some years to see more unfolding, with many unanswered questions to this day. Apologies for the long watch (48min), but this is a story Stephen Kind would normally come up with, only this time, it actually happened...
  13. knighterrant

    Ultimate lane hogger and tailgater?

    Just saw this photo posted elsewhere on the forum but without comment. The immediate surprising factor is seeing the North Circular so quiet! But the worrying part is seeing the oncoming cars outside of many empty lanes. Then noticing the car climbing into the boot of the second car in...
  14. steviebabes

    Memory Lane Test: Operation Julie, 1978, LSD distribution, Trial at Bristol . . .

    Hi all! I'm currently writing a dissertation on civil recovery and have seen mention of a legal case I'd like to read. Unusually, I don't have a case citation - all I have is that a House of Lords decision (following on from the Operation Julie LSD case of 1978) held that £750,000 of seized...
  15. hotong86

    Any AMG owners attending fast lane corbridge?

    Hello guys. I know it's a bit late on but was just wondering are any owners (mainly NE owners) attending fast lane corbridge this coming Sunday. It's organised by one of my mates and all proceeds go to a charity. The likes if Ferrari oc, tvr / porsche/Morgan's / American muscle clubs all...
  16. M

    Lane Hogger Champion

    *warning* commentary not work safe. You sir are a Legend!!! You deserve a knighthood at the very least for your commentary:thumb: Keep on Truckin fella:D
  17. K

    C63 (in Black) in Rayners Lane (West London) - was it you?

    Hello, Just wanted to see if anyone here has a Black C63 Saloon (not Black Series) and was passing through Rayners Lane today at approx 7.15pm? Just wondering if you are local just passing through, if local might be nice to meet up. I was driving the C240 today as we stopped at the lights...
  18. Stratman

    On-the-spot fines for Middle Lane Owners Club

    New £100 on the spot fines are coming for a range of motoring offences including tailgating and hogging the middle lane. Existing fixed penalties for misusing phones will also be increased to £100. They missed a golden opportunity there. Add instant confiscation of the phone and I'd give them...
  19. brucemillar

    Oh really ? - New Fines for Motorists

    Careless drivers to face fixed fines Last updated 4 hours ago Tailgating and middle-lane hogging will now incur fixed penalties Motorists across Britain who put others at risk through careless driving face on-the-spot fixed penalties under new measures announced by the government. From July...
  20. bpsorrel

    Trip down memory lane!

    I love these old Top Gears and this one from '83 is a peach! Look out for a test of the then new MB 190 (19.08), the birth of speed cameras, the Austin Meastro (my dad had one :eek:), concept of Saab convertible and just 30 year old nostalgia. Bring on Clarkson! :D ooI-EQIDouA
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