1. Calcifer

    2003 W211 Comand, language setting help.

    Good morning, My 2003 E55 (W211) is an original import from Taiwan. As such everything in the car is in Mandarin. From dash display to command. Would anyone happen to have a similar situation with an imported Mercedes and how the language setting might be changed? Also can I buy a sat Nav...
  2. Calcifer

    2003 E55 AMG Language Setting.

    My E55 (W211) is an import from Taiwan and as such. Everything inside the car is in Mandarin. From the multifunction stereo to the Sat Nav. Is there the possibility to change the language setting to English? As for the Sat Nav, is it as simple as buying a English DVD from the dealer? Any...
  3. Brian 1

    Language problem

    My satellite navigation system is finding it hard to understand Yorkshire, "if tha no's wa I mean" I have tried good English but not good either
  4. def90cars

    Welsh language protest at 'lack of response' by government

    From the BBC.... just catching up on news at home. Welsh language campaigners say they have chained themselves to the gates of Welsh government offices in a protest at a "lack of response" to the decline in the number of Welsh speakers. Six members of Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg...
  5. S

    Language changed

    I dont know how it happened but the language for the radio/sat nav in my CLK changed from English to German!! Cannot figure out how to chanhe it back to English....can anyone help?
  6. A

    Computer language in German :(

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can help. Ive just bought a 2003 CLK 500 Elegance, absolutely loving the car however the sat nav/centre console unit etc. language is german whilst the language on the computer in the dials is in English... I've tried changing the system settings (with the help...
  7. B

    Bad language

    5 minute argument in the car with our nearly 3-year old mini pedant about whether it is correct to say 'lay down' instead of 'lie down'. I think I carried the day by explaining that she would worth the frosty looks I now expect from the nursery nurses after they have been informed Daddy says...
  8. smoothcoupe

    W211 sat nav language problem

    The language text on my sat nav screen has turned to German how can I change back to English. Also the navigation doesn't work just a blue plain screen comes up when the navigation facility is opted. Can anyone shed some light or perhaps guide me through how to solve this. The car is a 2003...
  9. I

    Global technology: divided by a common language

    Silly question I think, but I need some clarity. Being a recent arrival in the Mac lounge, I'm finding some of the vocabulary a little problematic. I call a broad band router, a broad band router. I call a wireless access point a wireless access point. I'm not exactly sure what our...
  10. Palfrem

    Daddy's little Princess - Warning contains bad language

    CONTAINS BAD LANGUAGE ‪Drunken Chav loses it on a train‬‏ - YouTube We are all doomed aren't we?
  11. O

    comand 2.0 language

    I have bought a secondhand comand 2.0 (A163 820 36 89) and a Teleatlas DX Scandinavia 2009/2010 and installed i a A-class to replace a broken audio10 It all works great except i like to have the spoken language then using GSP on swedish. Is that possible ? In menu SYS, languages i can only...
  12. R

    W204 Change default language

    Disconnected and reconnected battery to find language has changed from English to German, I cant seem to change language back to english on instrument cluster, when I go into settings or "Einstellungen" then its instrument cluster or "Kombiinstrument and press ok it defaults to miles or Kms only...
  13. T

    how to change car language

    Have 05 cl500 - phone prewiring for an old nokia 6310i -- I know its a brick but I think its a grt phone and works fine for me. Just found out a feature recently when a text arrived whilst I was in a traffic jam. Flicked into the command page to see the text and notice a soft key that said...
  14. Palfrem

    COMAND (of the English language)

    RED MERCEDES 450SL 450 SL V8 RDSR CONVERTIBLE TAX 2011 on eBay (end time 16-May-10 19:47:07 BST) Read 'em and weep Apologies if a repost
  15. H

    W140 - Japan screen language

    Dear all ... greetings i have mercedes benz w140 500 se 1996 .. the screen language is " Japan " ... can i change it to english ? Waiting for your assistance ... thanks
  16. Gollom

    Can someone explain this in simple language?:

    Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has announced losses for 2009 of £3.6bn ($5.5bn), after struggling with billions of pounds of bad loans. Despite the losses, the bank is set to announce it will pay bonuses of £1.3bn to its staff. I pride myself on being pretty intelligent but the logic behind...
  17. Noodle-Pulp

    Misunderstood Language

    You know when you spend about half an hour trying to explain to either a salesman or the servicing guy exactly what the problem is and get nowhere fast.... well spare a thought for the folks whose first language is not English...
  18. A

    misuse of the English language

    Please feel free to add your own personal favourites Here's a couple of starters in common useage that really annoy me 1, Brought versus bought. If you've just spent money on something you have BOUGHT it not BROUGHT it 2, Of versus Have - 'I should have said' is correct, 'I should of...
  19. verytalldave

    The English language

    We'll begin with a box, and the plural is boxes, But the plural of ox becomes oxen, not oxes. One fowl is a goose, but two are called geese, Yet the plural of moose should never be meese. You may find a lone mouse or a nest full of mice, Yet the plural of house is houses, not hice. If the...
  20. KillerHERTZ

    Changing language on Vista?

    Im currently in sunny Spain and using my sisters 6month old laptop. The laptop has been set into Spainish when the laptop was new but we wish to convert it into English. My Sister speaks excellent Spainish, but cannot understand PC jargon that is in Spainish so it is very difficult to do...
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