1. whizzkid11

    HP Laptops for sale

    Hi All, I have a couple of laptops for sale: 1. HP Elitebook 850 G2 - 15" screen - i7 vPro - 8Gb RAM, - 256Gb SSD - Windows 10 Pro - Used (Warranty until TBC) - Full spec available here: HP Elitebook 850 G2 - i7 vPro 2. HP Elitebook 820 G2 - 12" screen - i5...
  2. whizzkid11

    [SOLD] For Sale: VARIOUS HP Laptops

    Hi All, Its been a while but several people from the forum have purchased some used laptops from me over the years. I have just been offered some more used laptops and I am gauging any interest on here. I usually get them for family and friends and not as a profit making venture...
  3. A

    Advicee on laptops please

    Well I have just sent my ACER Travelmate back to ACER after it became a complete nightmare. Now I'm wondering what to replace it with!! Just browsing the net and it's a nightmare. Basically I want to pay £400 --- ish. I'll use it for word processing. Run PhotoShop on it. Play/use the...
  4. Darrell

    IBM laptops on the bay

    A pal of mine brought an IBM laptop over for me in the summer to use for the guests at the bar. Nice and clean in good nick and ideal for surfing the net, it also keeps them at the bar and in turn means they buy a couple beers and a small meze...everyones a winner. Anyways....I hatched a plan...
  5. whizzkid11

    FOR SALE: Used HP Laptops (6710b)

    Hi All, I have available a few used used HP Laptops if anyone is interested. This is a batch of the HP 6710b, which look like this: These have the dual core processors, 120-160Gb HDD with 2Gb RAM. The will come with the usual clean install of operating system and applications...
  6. D

    IBM Thinkpad 600 Laptops

    The school where I help out has three working thinkpad 600 laptops they have asked me to sell. All work fine with good screens, additional memory and CD drives. All have chargers and mains leads. Some of the keyboard letters are worn. One of the batteries is accepting a charge but the others are...
  7. Jukie

    Laptops & PC Cards

    Anyone know roughly when laptops were no longer produced with PC Card/PCMCIA slots? TIA, David.
  8. R

    HD displays in laptops - any experience?

    Anyone here moved to a 16x9 HD (generally 1366 x 768) or HD+ (1600 x900) in a laptop? I have to change my ThinkPad T61 and find the 4x3 1024x768 just fine - anything smaller I struggle to read. I'm concerned that the lack of height of the 16x9 displays will be a pain and if I have to run...
  9. T

    Anyone had problems with Dell Laptops?

    Purchased a Dell Inspiron as a Home laptop in Nov 2010. From the get go it exhibited problems - crashes a lot with 'bluescreen' errors, unresponsive and infuriating touchpad and so on. After spending hours on the phone to tech support in India (chargeable phone line) they first reinstalled the...
  10. D

    p4 laptops and desktops for the 3rd world donations required

    ybody with old pentium 4 laptops to go to educational projects for the third world, they will also like desktops too.
  11. A

    2 x 'AS NEW' HP high spec laptops...

    For Sale 2 x 'as new' HP EliteBook 6930p Notebook PCs Listing here for a limited time prior to trying eBay. Although these are actually 9 months old, they have had no real usage at all. As such there are no marks or wear to the screen, keys or track pad etc. They are surplus to...
  12. A

    WiFi access from Company laptops

    I'm trying to drag my company into the 21st Century and allow some of our users to connect to their home wireless connections and possible use wireless hotspots etc. This could be upto 750 laptop users. Does anyone work for a reasonably large company that allows them to do this, what...
  13. 5

    Various Laptops For Sale

    Hi All, Got a few laptops avaliable as below: DELL Mini 10 Netbook - Brand new & sealed - £200 posted. - 1.6Ghz Intel Atom - 1GB Ram - 160GB HDD - 10.1" Screen - Windows XP Home HP DV2-1039WM Laptop - Brand new & sealed - £470 posted. - 1.6Ghz AMD Nero - 4GB Ram -...
  14. Stuart O

    mini laptops

    One of the kids is looking for a one of these new small laptops - they all seem to perform similar - any preference ?? q like to Dell option..:o
  15. merc180k

    IBM Thinkpad T21 & T23 Laptops

    Both laptops for sale. T21 - P3, 750MHZ - comes without hard drive (though can be supplied as extra), no memory (but can again supply if required), tested and works fine. Some surface cosmetic wear and damage but nothing serious, with exception of screen. Screen is cracked but can easily be...
  16. gina2201

    Laptops and Cups of tea do not mix....

    This is the second time I have spilt tea on my laptop, first time was a while ago I threw a cup of tea over the keyboard. Luckily, quickly turning it upside down and drip drying was all that was needed. Today (or rather, just now :rolleyes: ) I have spilt some tea on the bottom corner of my...
  17. whizzkid11

    FOR SALE: HP Laptops (1 NEW & 1 used)

    Hi All, I have two HP laptops for sale: 1. Used HP Compaq NX7010 (widescreen, wi-fi, bluetooth, etc) 2. Brand New (surplus) HP COMPAQ NC6710b (full business Spec) Please PM for further details if interested - priced to sell. rgds Was!
  18. W210 Fan

    DELL M70 Laptops anybody used one??

    Looking at getting this; work in an office, spend quite a lot of the time at the moment reverse engineering which consists of walking up and down stairs to the work shop to measure something to...
  19. janner

    Laptops from PC World

    I'm after a cheap(ish) laptop. I mostly want to use office and photoshop. I'm not interested in gaming. What's the opinion on refurbished laptops from PC World? I really like the look of this one. What do you think? Edit.. Maybe this one?
  20. whizzkid11

    FOR SALE: HP Laptops

    Hi guys, Just had another batch of second user laptops in. This time are two different models: 1. HP COMPAQ NX7010 - 15" widescreen, Intel Centrino M processor, 40Gb Hard disk, 512Mb RAM, DVD ROM/CD RW, builtin stereo speakers etc. 2. HP COMPAQ NC6120 - 15", Intel Centrino M...
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