1. nigel cross

    Great deal lasts till Wednesday Spotted this on another site I use great deal but only lasts till Wednesday, not me selling so shouldn't really be here, but wanted you guys to have a great deal
  2. The Boss

    w124 engine wine on start up (lasts 30 seconds) then fine

    any ideas what this is? only lasts 30 seconds from first start up, and then settles down. cheers yqQeQKywRyc
  3. culpano

    Best product for deep eggshell finish that lasts

    Hi folks, had a search on forum to no avail. Best product for high quality finish on black plastic dash. My interior looks faded and dull somewhat. Thanks in advance.
  4. big x

    Nothing lasts forever....

    Saw this on a German MB forum.. Balljoint snapped at low speed.A surprise really given the solid construction of the wishbone on the W124 and the strictness of the German TUV test.Like the UK you can also see heavy road salt corrosion. adam
  5. Howard

    See how long this lasts......

    This went on 12 mins ago, an S500 for £9k I love the bit at the bottom :- Note: Please DO NOT USE the eBay's Ask seller a question because my ebay address is full and I don't receive any mail. For more details please contact me directly at: Hmmmm... Right...
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