1. N

    C350e - replacement latch for electric flap

    Hi guys The rear bumber of my car has taken a knock (not serious), but the latch for the flap that covers the charging socket is now broken. The flap itself is fine, but no longer stays shut. Anyone know the best place to source a replacement, and any idea of cost? I'm guessing it's...
  2. K

    W209 2003 Roof cover latch part number help

    hi guys, after some help - having issues with the convertible top on my dads CLK, I have found that the latch behind the back seat (passenger side) which holds the roof cover down has a broken microswitch. could someone please let me know the correct part number, picture of the part is below...
  3. Davycc

    W203 Boot latch ( I know another one BUT this different)

    Peeps, 2001 C320 saloon. Boot handle won't operate the boot, no feeling of catching a mechanism/ no resistance. Remote won't open it either but interior button works and it will open with the latch handle if the manual key is used on the lock at the same time. Will be removing boot lid...
  4. EddieinSardinia

    Newbie with an odd trunk latch issue

    Hi everyone. I tried to search the site for anything on the infamous trunk not opening on the 2001 c220 W203's, but nothing. I have read most everything on the US site, along with other articles, but nothing actually confronts my problem. All my buttons work, the motor wizzes, but no pop or...
  5. S

    Estate E 350 tonneau cover LHS latch

    Estate E 350 tonneau cover LHS latch has broken and therefore cover flips up or out of track. Any ideas on part number or repair?
  6. raklfc2015

    W204 rear seat latch

    Hi guys, I'm part way through a conversion of non folding rear seats to folding seats, please can anyone advise me where I can obtain rear seat latch/lever ? Cheers
  7. brucemillar

    124 Estate Spare Wheel Cover Latch

    Guys I'm after the white nylon grommets that fit onto the latch arms locking them into the latches on the Spare Wheel cover release mechanism. So you have the finger catch that when pulled, operates two metal arms. It is the round white nylon grommets that terminate these arms locking them...
  8. MB-tex

    W124 estate door latch

    Hi All Need you W124 estate owners to have a look at your car and let me know what I'm missing... The black plastic trim that surrounds the inside door handle on the rear hatch (the one you would use to exit the car if you were sitting in the rear facing fold up seats) has fallen off. I...
  9. morgyface

    Boot latch cover plastic thing.

    I bought a C180 estate at the weekend. All seems good though the boot rattles. I don't want it to rattle any more. Anyway, I could be wrong, but it appears there's a plastic cover thingy missing off the right hand side of the boot latch. Here is a picture... See what I mean. On...
  10. M

    Door lock latch actuator?

    I have a 2009 ML 350 and my passenger door lock stopped working. I have to lock it manually. I was wondering if its the Door lock latch actuator that need replacing. I never had the machine gun sound or effect happen to the lock so I was wondering if it was a fuse or something else.
  11. Alps

    W211 rear door latch

    Opened the rear door on Friday to put the kids seat in, when I tried to shut the door the latch would not catch so the door would not shut. I tried closing the latch manually but it just was not catching. In the end called mobilio, technician called and said its a new latch and it was past 7...
  12. I

    Boot latch needed s211 2003

    Hi All, I need to source a boot latch for my new s211 E320 AG -53 reg. My local mechanical has just called me and told me that the one he ordered (second hand) was different and does not fit. He also thinks it might be a soft close ??? MB want £300. Any other options? IceBoy
  13. I

    W211 - bonnet latch - HELP ?!

    Hi Guys, I'm not having a good time with my new E320cdi 53-reg. Now the bonnet will not open. When you pull the handle under the stearing wheel the left side(passenger) does not pop up. I have tried pulling the handle and getting someone to move the bonnet up and down. The slide out...
  14. brucemillar

    Wanted: W203 Estate tailgate latch

    Folks I am after the tailgate "latch" not the lock. This is the latch that is located on the rear floor that the lock latches onto. More specifically: All I really need is the two black guides that fit onto either side of the latch and stop the tailgate rattling. I am also after the boot...
  15. DSM10000

    Parking brake will not latch

    The parking brake on my 2003 W203 has never worked correctly since I have had the car, it has always been reluctant to disengage. Now it will not latch when I press the pedal and the pedal requires more effort to depress than before Is there a common cause and simple home remedy or is it a...
  16. SilverSaloon

    W124 estate tailgate latch

    hi i have fitted a new tailgate to my 1994 W124 estate. i've adjusted it best i can via the hinge bolts at the top, but the new tailgate isnt quite pushing against the seals at the bottom as much as i'd like, there is a few mm of play if you press on the tailgate whilst shut. however i...
  17. mirras

    R230 SL roof latch adjustment - help needed please

    Hi, Recently my 2003 SL started 'clicking' heavily from both front roof latches on bumpy roads. I did a bit of digging and subsequently replaced the intermediate pivot pins then tightened everything up a little and the clicking has mostly gone. As a result of this tightening up I do now...
  18. H

    w203 estate back rest

    The left back rest in my w203 estate wont release and fold down. I can raise the handle but the latch doesn't release. How do I get to the latch to release it please? :doh: I have tried taking off the back rest side cushions, unscrewing the outer hinges and undoing the two centre large nuts...
  19. C

    Latch of boot's lid wrong electrical connector

    Hello, I’ve replaced the latch of boot’s lid, but the new lock (is an updated version, I’m told) has a 4 pin electrical connector as opposed to 3 pins that the old lock has. No matter how I plug it, is not working at all. I assume that pin1 goes to pin1, but from there can be any combination...
  20. D

    How to: Replace boot latch W203

    Hi, this is my first post. I've recently become a 'mini expert' on the boot (trunk) latch/lock on my recently aquired W203, after it became ill, and eventually needed replacing. It's not difficult, but would have been much easier had I known one or two things in advance. I didn't take pickies...
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