1. gIzzE

    FS: 17" ML wheels with Michelin Latitude Tour HP 235.65.17 tyres

    I have a set of 17" ML wheels with Michelin Latitude Tour HP tyres fitted. There is around 4.5mm on one pair and 5.5mm on the other pair. These are M+S tyres but classed as summer tyre over here, in the states they are classed as all season tyres. I had them in the snow last year and...
  2. flango

    Laptop fire beware Dell latitude owners

    Just sat here sipping a nice shiraz when i can smell burning, just made chilli so check the cooker and hob and its cold. Go in the hall as swmbo and daughter are in bed my laptop bag at the bottom of the stairs is smouldering nicely, open it up and cant touch the laptop had to get a teatowel to...
  3. M

    Dell Latitude X300 Laptop

    Hi All, I have for sale a CHEAP ultra portable laptop that comes complete with docking station and charger for only £40 o.n.o the specs, Dell Latitude X300 12.1" screen 1.4 Ghz Pentium M 640 MB RAM 40 GB HDD CD/RW DVD Wi Fi Enabled SD Reader USBs Pre installed Windows XP Pro (legit) Resized...
  4. WLeg

    Google Latitude

    Anyone use it ? We are thinking of giving our eldest 15 (although thinks she's 18+) an updated mobile phone (with her knowledge) with this on.
  5. Howard

    Anyone got a CD of drivers for a Dell Latitude D600 ?

    Hi all , Angelas laptop died the other day , hard drive packed up. Anyway , i have put a new drive in it , and managed to load XP home onto it , but i don't have a CD with the drivers on it , so nothing else works , and i can't connect it to the net ... Even if i did , i looked on Dells...
  6. television

    Dell Latitude

    I Have been offered one of these almost free £20 with no power supply or pass word. Its loaded with XP prof Is this a fair laptop and any easy way to over ride the pass word
  7. mercmanuk

    Dell latitude x300 laptop

    SOLD Dell latitude x300 laptop 1.4ghz centrino processor 632 mb ram 12.1" screen 30gb hdd seperate external cd rom these are the ultimate in portable laptops bought for a new business venture that has been cancelled.. totally as new still have plastic attached, £1300+vat on the...
  8. Mozzer

    Dell Latitude D600 Screen removal

    My screen has about 2 inches of "play" on it, i.e. it wobbles. Anyone tell me what the removal procedure is and if there is a way of tightening this back up ? Cheers S
  9. imadoofus

    Dell Latitude D600

    Anyone know if it's an easy job to replace the keyboard on a Latitude D600? I have a spare machine or two, so it's not the parts I need, just the method. TIA PJ
  10. Thmsshaun

    DELL Latitude C610 P3 Laptop

    The following is for sale Dell Latitude C610 P3 1Ghz 512MB 20Gb HD 14.1 TFT CD Rom Modem etc PM for details offers around £320 Shaun
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