1. K

    dvla having a laugh

    purchased my cls from main dealer,it had covered 23 miles since it's last mot,paid £185 road tax and waited 3 weeks for the v5 to arrive.i then tried to assign my number plate on line,refused.rang up Swansea to be informed that as the car had been untaxed for a period of time I would have to...
  2. brucemillar

    Must not laugh. Must not laugh

    NEWS 'Swedish man dropped foul revenge fart after woman refused him sex' SEBASTIAN MANN A woman reported a would-be lover to police after he allegedly stunk out her apartment with a “revenge fart” when she refused him sex, Swedish media report. Officers were contacted on...
  3. carat 3.6

    I dare you not to laugh....
  4. Carrsey

    Made me laugh..

    Just seen this on facebook.
  5. ioweddie

    You must watch this, I challenge you not to laugh!
  6. poormansporsche

    I shouldnt laugh but ...

    sitting in a traffic jam the other day on the m25 there was a broken down car with 2 ***** posing and taking selfies next to the emergency phone. My 4 year old asked if I could open her window so I said fine "NOB" !!! You can shut it now Daddy .... Oops :)
  7. D

    dare you not laugh when u watch this video until the end of it

    Cooper Loves Ice Cream - YouTube
  8. merc85

    Dont laugh lol cdi Rolling Road Q's

    I want to get my e320 cdi put on a Rolling road, ive done this with all my Previous Volvo t5's and its just a thing i do lol is there anything i should do before putting it on the roller's with regards to cars computer abs etc etc. Also which Gear is best (its a 5 speed) and how do you hold it...
  9. cinek

    Had a laugh :)

  10. E

    Made me laugh

    Guy with a modified 350Z believes he can take an E55. E55 fella isn't into racing, but wants to put this guy back in his box. E55 owner hitches a trailer to his E55 then proceeds to loads a lawn tractor on it E55 AMG pulling trailer vs modified 350Z - YouTube
  11. jukie

    Is it wrong to laugh at the misfortune of others?
  12. R

    What Ad or vid makes you laugh

    Been through the mill a little recently, lots of grief going on, but struck me this afternoon, to things that make me laugh, this is an old one, but does the trick everytime.John West Red Salmon Commercial- Regular, Fast, and Slow!!! - YouTube what about yourselves
  13. K

    Car broken into yesterday. (I had to laugh.)

    On returning to my Mercedes E Class Estate parked in a busy Brighton Multistorey yesterday after a family Christmas outing, I was horrified to find one of the rear windows totally gone. Looking inside, twinkling in acres of my pale grey leather back seat was a mountain of smashed glass...
  14. L

    Do I laugh or cry?

    Last Friday I was helping my son move into his new place in a hire van so the merc was parked on the road about 100m away from my house near the bus stop. When we finished it was dark and on our way to the takeaway for a well deserved supper I glanced at my car and saw someone had placed a flyer...
  15. mercmanuk

    made me laugh

    I was driving along cheetham hill road Manchester at weekend at about 11pm,stopped at the traffic light and a young girl about 14/15 approached the passenger door,my wife put the window down slightly and the girl asked if I wanted business and my mother could watch,you could have imagined my...
  16. gbjeppm

    Air Con Re Gas - I had to laugh

    I took the W208 in for MOT today, the EC light (on the Climate control panel) has been on for a while, and I knew the Air Con most likely needed a regas. So i took it to my local Good Garage Guide garage who do MOT's to have the work done, as I did not really feel the trip down to Olly in...
  17. flango

    Euro Car Parts having a laugh ???

    Looks like I need a heater blower for my CLK so thought I would try ECP with the club discount. Valeo Heater Motor: Website Price £251.94 so with 25% club discount that gives £188.96 Same Valeo Heater Motor from KMS £68.90 nearly a third of the price of ECP for the same part from the same...
  18. K

    not ebay but... have a laugh
  19. V12

    Friday evening laugh for you all - Sprinter V8.

    Have mentioned this on a few threads before. I was at the old Mercman site today and they were getting the old Sprinter recovery truck prepared for an MOT. Hasn't been used in a very long time (since they relocated down to cornwall). A quick 20 minutes with the CO meter and it was running...
  20. d w124

    This made me laugh

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