1. Shakey60

    Launch Control M177 C63

    I've heard that launching the W205 C63 can damage the clutch quite quickly. Can anybody add any thoughts to this. Some professional opinions would be gratefully received. Thanks guys
  2. V

    W204 C63 launch control doesn't work

    I've got a facelift C63 mapped by MSL. Not often but occasionally I'll engage LC by doing the following. Sport handling mode on Click paddle Turn selector to RS Confirm with up paddle Apply brake and accelerate, this is where it goes wrong. The car will go into LC mode and revs will...
  3. M

    2017 Mercedes C63s Launch Control and Drift In Slow Motion

    2017 Mercedes C63s Launch Control and Drift In Slow Motion [YOUTUBE HD]hxpZ3qfgYjc[/YOUTUBE HD]
  4. adrianlobont

    How to launch an automatic ?

    Hi guys, How safe is to launch an automatic Mercedes from time to time by holding the brake and depressing the accelerator pedal ?
  5. E

    Product Launch- Redline Water Wetter

    Redline Water Wetter is compatible with new or used antifreeze (including DEX-COOLTM and long-life versions) to improve the heat transfer of ethylene and propylene glycol systems. Benefits Include Reduces or eliminates bubbles or vapor barrier that form on hot metal surfaces to reduce...
  6. D

    Anyone got Launch diagnostics in Scotland

    In and around Edinburgh area? Urgent Thanks
  7. A

    Parking Pilot not available on e-class launch?

    So when in dealership today ordering my new e-class, I added the 360 degree camera, generally as I want the Parking Pilot feature. However, I was told that Parking Pilot is not available at launch (even though Parking Pilot is listed on the MBUK configurator as coming with the camera). Can...
  8. O

    Anyone going to the V8UK fullpower Launch

    Is anyone attending the V8UK full power launch on April the 3rd at Topcats racing down south ?
  9. A

    Launch X431 Diagun III don t work again on mercedes transmission Mercedes benz W163 M

    My launch Diagun III don t work again on mercedes transmission Mercedes benz W163 ML for 1999 to 2006 on transmission function.:wallbash: Anyone had the same problem and solved it finally?:confused:
  10. The _Don

    Launch control drag race – C63 AMG S vs M4 vs 911 GTS vs Polo
  11. developer

    Jaguar XE launch tonight

    I always thought the X type was a huge missed opportunity to deliver a 3 series sized, 4 wheel drive Jaguar - a great shame really. The XE is launched tonight and the published information so far is impressive. Looking forward to it :thumb:. (though I still wish the brand was UK...
  12. M

    A45 Launch Control Testing

    A customer running our Stage 1 v2 tune combined with our TCU tune posted up this video ... beware Supercars lol
  13. M

    Launch of the new C Class

    I have just been invited to Lincoln Mercedes on June 6th for their launch of the new C class. Champagne and a live band and a go on the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 simulator. Don't mind if I do......:thumb:
  14. KillerHERTZ

    Next Mercedes-Benz GLK/GLC spotted ahead of 2015 launch

  15. Jack Wood

    2013 E63 Launch Control

    So I've been playing around with launch control for the first time today. I go through all the sequence for the launch control, but as I lift off the brake to launch, the display briefly flashes "Launch Control Cancelled". Is that correct, or is it not launching correctly? When I lift the...
  16. The Boss

    facelift e class cabrio uk launch

    when is this car launched in UK please any dates or time scales appreciated Thanks
  17. S

    The Perfect Launch

    On the 16th a few of us are heading up to Santa Pod for some fun on the 1/4 mile you can find details here and are welcome to join us For those that have raced the 1/4 you will know that the first 60ft is all important, so...
  18. Goldfish11

    ipad launch 2012 - where was the rush?

    Well today is the big ipad 3 launch date. Completely forgot but was passing PC World Coventry this morning at about 10am saw a poster with an ipad on. I needed an other ipad for work so popped into PCWorld/Currys. Walked in and there was loads of tapped out lanes with "New Product launch...
  19. Meldrew2

    Mercedes launch new topless model in New York

  20. Godot

    Today is the launch day for the British Newspaper Archive

    Pretty Interesting it is too ! A lot of "free" areas & some "subscribed "areas. Home | The British Newspaper Archive L7g6MbyXeHQ apDoJ86IJTE SaEy1frHFUA :)
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