1. Steveml63

    CLA180 Star Wars edition launched in Japan!

    Strange - but true! Just look at the little extras you get!! Japan Welcomes Mercedes-Benz CLA 180 Star Wars Edition
  2. gr1nch

    Murder hunt launched after man dies trying to stop car thieves

    Murder hunt launched after man dies trying to stop car thieves Poor bloke. I know you're not meant to get involved and just claim on insurance, but I can understand reacting to having your home broken into, whilst you're in it, and have your pride and joy getting driven off with whatever...
  3. Steveml63

    GLC Coupe launched in Europe - with pictures

    Hi, Article below details GLC Coue launch in Europe New Mercedes GLC Coupe Priced From ?49,444 In Germany Looks great in that blue paint scheme! Cheers Steve
  4. B

    New Shell VPower Nitro + Launched

    Shell have launched another Petrol and Diesel fuel, Basic info below 1) protects cylinder walls 2) cleaner intake and injectors 3) vs the old vpower contains 25% FMT Will be giving it ago in the AMG soon as we have local stock What is Shell V-Power Nitro+? - United Kingdom
  5. markjay

    Do you remember when Voyager was launched?

    35 Years later, Voyager 1 is now about to leave the Solar System... Voyager Set to Enter Interstellar Space - NASA Science
  6. Alfie

    New website launched - feedback appreciated.

    We have just launched a new look webshop at ; Comand Online Ltd Would appreciate feedback on what the members here think. Good and not so good feedback welcomed as long as its constructive. Thanks.
  7. Alfie

    New 2009/2010 Teleatlas disk just launched.

    For members here with the Cd based Comand system Teleatlas have just released the latest navigation disk. The new disk is 2009/2010 with TMC and major roads of western Europe. They claim there are 35,000 updates to the road system on this new disk. There are deals to be had on this;)
  8. robert.saunders

    BBC F1 site launched
  9. Godot

    New Sat Nav launched

    New Sat Navs to feature 'Tourette's setting' The latest satellite navigation systems to hit the market comes with a range of specialized new settings include ‘Tourette’s Syndrome Mode’ for drivers who are not afraid to have their GPS tell it like it is. The new generation of in-car navigation...
  10. B

    S320L CDi - when was it first launched in the UK?

    Does anyone know? I can't find a definitive answer anywhere. I'm really trying to find out whether the reason I've been offered a really good deal on one is because it was not officially launched in the UK when this one was registered....answers on a postcard...
  11. M

    Mercedes launched New diesel engine

    I noticed the other day that mercedes has launched the C200CDI engine in the c class, I new they had it in france and probably the rest of europe, but woundered why they did't launch it here. In france they do it in the E-class as well but they haven't done it here. I might be wrong but think...
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