1. RH2013

    Bosch lawnmower

    Had garden landscaped. No longer needed. £35 collect from Loughborough area.
  2. F

    Robotic Lawnmower

    Looking to buy one of these, anyone with experience? I Like the look at Robomower RC304, really only because it looks to be good at edges so leaves very little for the trimmer.
  3. dubsR33

    350z gets stomped by AMG E55 towing a lawnmower on a trailer

    check it out :rock: Nissan 350z gets STOMPED by Mercedes AMG E55 towing a LAWNMOWER on a TRAILER!! | Epic Internet
  4. spinaltap

    Cordless Lawnmower?

    I'm considering buying a cordless/battery lawnmower, and initially focused on the Bosch Rotak 43Li. However, I see that Stihl (under the Viking brand) produce the MA443 - which is based on their petrol MB 4 Series. Does anyone have real-world knowledge of either product, and who can...
  5. Godot

    The Stig's 130mph lawnmower

  6. Tan

    Lawnmower advice needed

    Hi I am looking at buying a new lawnmower, I really want to have a striped lawn so a roller is a must. I am unsure if to get a rotary or a cylinder, the rotaries are much cheaper, but are they as good as the cylinders or what the difference is? Thanks Tan
  7. reflexboy

    Vintage Webb push lawnmower

    I have just inherited this lovely old Webb push mower, complete with W210 rust styling. I'm trying to find out what model it is. It looks very much like a 'Wasp' or 'Whippet' except for the handle on mine is different. Any ideas?
  8. B

    2011 12-Hour Lawnmower Race Photo Gallery

    This the best kept secret in Motorsport - lawnmower racing. It's fast, fun, dirty and uncomfortable and all the drivers are as mad as a box of frogs What's not to like? Link: 2011 12-Hour Lawnmower Race Photo Gallery | Bolide Nick Froome Bolide | Historic cars, motorsport & more…
  9. comports

    Lawnmower service

    Hi Folks, Just wondering how many people on here have their lawnmower serviced regularly or wait till it needs something doing. I've had my lawnmower for 2 years (not had a service yet) but recently it's started revving up and down on idle and when running. I'm told it needs a new...
  10. nigel cross

    Rotary lawnmower

    Need to buy a new lawnmower. Rotary, powered drive with a rear roller for strips. Any recommendations?
  11. B

    12-Hour Lawnmower Race

    It's that time of year again - the BLMRA 12-hour lawnmower race starts at 8 pm on 1st August at Northchapel, West Sussex! This is my favourite UK motorsport event of the year and is a real undiscovered gem. Fifty teams of complete lunatics drive flat-out for 12 hours on a rough and...
  12. Gucci

    How do I empty the petrol from my lawnmower?

    I need to return my duff Flymo petrol mower to the shop, and they'll need the petrol drained out - how do I empty it? :dk:
  13. Donza

    Buying a lawnmower...

    Dont want to break the bank. The size of turf i am mowing is very small.. Should i buy electric or petrol? my choices are...
  14. Bobby Dazzler

    Replacing lawnmower chassis

    I have a Honda GV100 lawnmower, which hasn't seen too much use, but sadly the body/chassis has rusted through where the cut-height adjuster sits, meaning it can only be used on the highest and lowest settings! Seems such a shame to throw away a Honda engine with relatively little use, so I'm...
  15. D

    Spec me a Lawnmower!

    Hi all, Grass it getting a bit too big, gonna have to cut it soon. Anyone reccomend me a lawnmower?, online or not. Grass area is not that big, fairly small garden. Cheers Digi
  16. Mozzer

    Lawnmower Required

    Hi All Now that I have moved house and have a garden big enough, I need a mower. I think I would like a cylinder mower (so I get the stripes) but by chr1st they are expensive :eek: Anyone know anywhere that does them cheaply or even second hand ? I'm beginning to think that I will...
  17. Flyer

    Who needs a lawnmower?

    Had some visitors this morning ... 30s video: 826kb They were munching for about half an hour. Need to get them back to do the other side :D
  18. Thmsshaun

    *WANTED* Petrol Engine lawnmower

    Need to conduct a project should get one cheap now its out of season ;) Anyone localish to me have one surpluss to their requirements. Must be around a 5hp motor and horizontal shaft for cylindrical type mower. Thanks Shaun
  19. jimmy

    WANTED: Ride On Lawnmower

    I am in the market for a new Ride-On/Garden Tractor/Lawnmower, I am after a medium sized to proffesional sized machine, not a little B&Q jobby! Seeing as you lot are such a helpful bunch I thought I would run it past you and see if anybody has one for sale, knows of one for sale or has a...
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