1. reflexboy

    Floor laying advice

    Guys-I am about to lay an Amtico floor in my lounge. I do have previous experience of laying Amtico, but was after some advice to ensure it's laid once and laid right. I have standard floorboards which will be lined with 6mm ply and then the Amtico laid over that. At present the floor is...
  2. kianok

    Laying a water pipe and cable

    I need to get power from the house to the garage and ideally a water supply too, the distance is about 40ft. I understand that the cable has to be buried about 18 inches below the surface and inside a suitable pipe. Can a water pipe be buried in the same way? (in a seperate protective pipe...
  3. Palfrem

    Laying up insurance

    I intend to SORN my E36 when the VED expires at the end of this month. My insurance expires at the same time. Anyone have any knowledge / experience of this this please. Don't want to pay the full on-road risk element when it's garaged, but still need fire and theft I guess. Thanks
  4. mark.t

    laying turf help

    my garden has been a blank canvas for a few years now, got rid of the grass and laid gravel 7 ton to be precise the main problem is that it holds water as the ground is a clay like soil base, i intend to raise the garden area to be grassed about 10" clear of the natural water table this can be...
  5. M

    Laying down a smoke screen

    Laying down a smoke screen, help you guys please!! Hi Guys, Lovely morning so I thought I would take out my 250TD, haven't used it for a couple of weeks. Driving down the road and glancing in the mirror I saw I was making lots of smoke, a light, bluish grey. First thoughts were head gasket...
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