1. P

    CLK 180 kompressor under the bonnet layout

    I am very old and do theory but cant find the diagram in the hand book, to give me the under bonnet locations for servicing, HELP ! Just bout the car, absolutely fantastic vehicle, much better than the Jag.
  2. S

    Vito 55 reg fuse layout

    Hi all, I've just bought a 55 plate Mercedes Vito. The interior lights don't work and was wondering if anyone has a fuse layout picture ? Or knows which fuse I need to check, many thanks.
  3. G

    W124 fuse layout not corresponding to chart?

    Hi. I had the problem outlined in this thread today -> and solved it as per Grober's reply. This is excellent. Only problem is, every fuse diagram I can find (including the one on...
  4. thebig1

    W204 Fuse Layout

    Hi Guys, Where can I get I get a digram showing the fuse locations and their use etc? W204 C63 2013.
  5. swansealee

    slk300 dashboard layout

    I've just bought a Slk 300 2010 and absolutely love it never had a Mercedes before and what can i say, what a fantastic car! But on the display there is 2 screens the top one shows the menu for the computer and other things which I've now figured out the bottom one shows which gear you're in...
  6. A

    Fuse Layout

    Hi! all, I'm hoping that a Tech out there can help me. I've got a 2001 C220 CDI Estate S203. I'm trying to find a list of what fuses do what. I've got an owners handbook, and a Haynes manual, but neither show exactly what fuses do what. I know where they all are, but that not really much help if...
  7. 9

    fuse box layout plan

    does anyone have a fuse box layout plan for a (03)c class 270 cdi...stereo, cigarette lighter and boot lid actuator not working,,need fuse plans before i start to take panels off
  8. T

    Dashboard layout lights

    Hi All 1997 e300 td estate I have a non starter today. On the right dial their were lights that came on sort of went round the dial. Well now only the the red one at the bottom comes on and the white light above it. none of the others come on. The brake light is not showing either the...
  9. tomg

    First Post W211 Fuse box layout

    Hi All I took my e320 for mot today and when I picked up He said it failed on both number plate lights out and center brake light out.I said it was working when I brought in (i always check before) he said he could not find a fuse. I brought home all 3 lights now indicating fault on computer and...
  10. jonnyboy

    vacuum layout 300sl24 r129 ?

    As per my question hijacking a newbie's thread - here are some pics of what I need to clarify if anyone out there at all can help? The guy helping me with the engine swap only marked up one pipe so I am in no mans land and there is confusion with lengths of pipe from the replacement engine (from...
  11. Druk

    129 vacuum layout.

    Your good friend and contributor Jonnyboy has now has his ankle op. Looking good hopefully but he needs info on the location of the engine vacuum lines for his R129. 1992 300 24valve. Is there a diagram of this available or has anyone the 'knowledge' who can help? Cheers.:thumb:
  12. D

    Odd cd/aircon layout

    Doing a little bit of e55 drooling ;) and I came across this one on ebay E55 is it just me or are the locations of the cd and aircon unit swapped over? D.
  13. C

    w203 fuse layout

    has anyone got a picture or diagram of the fuse layout on a 2003 w203 220cdi need to check wich one is for radio and cig lighter any help plzzzzzzzzzzz
  14. R

    Radiator Layout

    Morning all, I'm reluctant to start another Valeo thread, but as Mrs E's C270 (2002/52) has a 612962 engine I'm pretty sure that it is unaffected (after cross checking against the TSB). Please feel free to advise otherwise. One question though, what is item 22 in...
  15. Spinal

    Website Layout RFC

    Howdy! So I've started doing work for the inevitable rally next year (I know I've been talking about this for the last 2 years - hopefully this will be the last year I talk about it!). Saturday I'm going to see a few cars, but in the meantime I was getting antsy and decided to do some...
  16. V

    Stock Spring pad layout on e220 coupe 95??

    Hi everyone, Ive recently lowered my car with eibach pro kit lowering springs, lowering the car 40mm front, 35mm rear, the car seems to be too high in the rear, will taking out some spring pads in the rear help, i need to drop it 20 to 30mm more, i believe there is different size pads with...
  17. quickmotor

    Fuse Layout needed 2003 C180k Coupe

    Hi, I have just become the proud ownder of a 2003 C180k Coupe. The previous owner was a heavy smoker and the cig lighter now does not work which I need for my Sat Nav. :( I want to check firstly that it is not a fuse but there is no fuse layout picture under the fuse cover. :mad: Please...
  18. B

    1994 C180 fuse layout

    Hi all, can anybody help me with a layout for the C180 1994, just bought one and there is no diagram. thanks in advance BBB
  19. S

    Pin Layout for Mercedes Audio 10

    Does anyone have the loom to audio pinouts for the mercedes 10 on a C class Coupe. I have a Parrot phone kit which uses ISO plugs but currently the wiring doesnt seem to match up and I cant get any power into the device. the audio 10 works fine and the speaker pass thru is fine but no joy on the...
  20. scotth_uk

    MB Dealer layout in Brisbane, Aus.

    Whilst in Australia recently I visited the Centenary Motors dealership in Brisbane. I hadn't been there for a year or two, and was amazed at what I saw. The site has two showrooms - one for displaying cars to purchase, and another beneath it at the back of the building where purchased cars...
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