1. A

    LCD TV's - What is good for around £600?

    Hi all, I'm looking for an LCD TV for the bedroom - will be watching freeview mainly and for Xbox (so missus can watch Corrie in peace on our 42" plasma :rolleyes: ) Any recommendations? As usual read lots of conflicting reviews on different makes - wondered if anyone on here has bought...
  2. nickg

    HD ready - LCD or rear pro

    Going to buy a big telly for our new tv room. 37" plus. Want to spend considerably less than £2k if poss and have been pondering over getting a rear pro (Sagem, 45", v good review) or an LCD panel - toshiba do a 37" at around £1800. Any views? Will be watching mainly Sky - sport in particular...
  3. glojo

    New LCD?? Monitor

    New monitor time. Should I go for an LCD. I am thinking about a 19" monitor with about a 4 millisecond refresh rate. I hope that's the right termology otherwise I'm looking pretty stupid. What is today's bee's knee's pleeze ;) and where do I get it from? Thanks in advance for any...
  4. SilverSaloon

    LCD screen & DVD player install....

    hi my mother in law has asked me to try and get her a (Cheap as poss) fold down screen that can play DVD for her car. She doesnt want to spend any more than £150. she wants a fold down screen that is stuck to the roof of the car and a DVD player. from the DVD install i did on my CLK...
  5. G

    C230K LCD display going bad

    Has anyone else had this issue with their LCD displays lighting irregularly where the numbers on the outside Temp, Odometer and Clock are jumbled and unreadable? Thanks, GeneH-Atlanta, GA
  6. WLeg

    Lcd Tv

    Is this LCD any good ? (click on the Misco offer on the left side) I'm looking for a cheap LCD to connect to a Freeview box and 5.1 DVD player, but know little about what's good, bad or ugly.
  7. J

    lcd temp. gauge w210

    Hi! Does anyone know how to repair/replace the lcd temperature display on my 2000 E220 cdi? The display is showing part of the numbers and is very erratic.Any help would be appreciated. Cheers! Jazz.
  8. S

    LCD display

    Anyone else got a completely blank LCD display in the lower left of the dashboard, underneath the water temp/petrol guage. ( 96 W202 elegance ) I've been told that the external temp sensor that uses that bit was optional and not present on all cars, but that sounds daft to me. I got no sensor...
  9. D

    TFT LCD Monitors for your car

    We have some new screens that are excepsional quality. Fusion 5.6" headrest screen, all controls such as: contrast, brightness, selection. You can use playstation, dvd, navigation etc. They retail for £299-99 MB Club users £259-99 call Dom on 0208 882 2040 or visit the website...
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