1. M

    C350e - Lead Time

    Hi Everyone - new to the forum and have just taken the plunge and ordered a C350e in Polar White with PP and Night Package. Been told to expect delivery in January - interested to hear from anyone else who has ordered in last month or two to see if this is typical or whether it's likely to be...
  2. mickday

    55K plug lead removal tool

    I have for sale a brand new Mercedes Benz tool for removing the plug leads from 55K engine The leads are very difficult to remove and this tool will make the job easier Part number W110 589 01 01 00 £20 + delivery
  3. brucemillar

    Extending a 13 amp mains lead.

    People In my garage I have a 50ltr - JCB Electric Compressor - 13 amp. The mains lead is about 1.5 meters long, or 1.5 meter shorter than it needs to be, to avoid me continually using an extension lead. Extension leads are designed to be tripped over when using the angel grinder. Not funny...
  4. Wacko74

    W164 IPhone lead

    OK experts it's help time again I've got the lead in the glovebox to connect an iPhone/pod to but it's the old style not the lightning connection I have tried to connect my iPhone7 using an adapter but I get nothing How do I set it to read the phone
  5. brucemillar

    Car Modifications lead to the death of two you people.

    This is very sad indeed. Modifications to car 'led to the deaths of two young people' - BBC News
  6. ss201

    Blaupunkt 10 CD Changer + lead & fitting bracket

    This came fitted to the first 190E I owned - which the previous (wealthy) owner had dealer fitted (at great expense) with the top of the range Blaupunkt Kingston DJ stereo radio/cassette player. Eventually the Kingston DJ's visual display gave up the ghost and I carefully removed the system...
  7. brucemillar

    Plug Lead Number Flags

    Folks Free to a good home. A full set of plug lead number flags. If you like engine detailing then these are really neat things to have. These fit over the lead and do not clip around the lead. Let me know please.
  8. J

    DIY Alternator lead what gauge wires?

    After months of my 230e playing up not charging the battery I have finally found out why I want to repair this myself but need a little advice and a list of things I need? In short it's my alternator lead,the exciter wire has a break in it causing an open circuit it literally makes or...
  9. H

    C220 Delivery Lead Time, 7 Months !!

    I ordered my C220 company car via LeasePlan in mid December last year and gave Mercedes a call today to get an estimated delivery date. I was told that the build date is 1st April and should expect delivery in the UK on 6th of June and then 5 days to prep before I have it delivered on the...
  10. B

    MP3 Player and lead?

    Good Morning Folks. I have a C220 CDI 2004 facelift version ( W 203 I believe) with the Audio 20 system fitted, what is the best way I could connect a MP3 player to it? I have seen a lead on youtube but not sure if it is for my car or not. many thanks for any info on this matter.
  11. reflexboy

    Media Interface Lead A0008271200

    I have for sale a genuine media interface lead with the Apple lightning connector. I bought this in error and it won't work with my car/iPhone as I have a MY2011 car and I believe this is only compatible with MY2013 and newer. These are over £50 from MB, but all I want is what I paid for it...
  12. reflexboy

    Media Interface Lead

    Evening all I think I have bought the wrong Media Interface lead for my car. I have a 2011 W212, with the MI port in the armrest stowage compartment. I had a cheapo ebay lead for an iPhone 4s that I used with the genuine Apple adapter to adapt it from aa 30 pin dock plug to a lightning...
  13. C

    Lead time for new C class , 5 months!!!!

    Hi, Just been told by a couple local Mercedes dealers that if I want a car to my specification, I'm looking around 5 months wait :confused: 2-3 months is not that bad, but 5 months is a long time. Anyone else waited 5 months for a new car?
  14. tintinmt

    W124 300 24v HT Lead

    Hi all, It was brought to my attention that the HT lead on my car has suffered some damage to the insulation and been repaired with insulating tape. I fear that I will only be able to buy a full set of leads. Anyone have an HT lead looking for a home? M.
  15. E

    Aux lead socket

    Hi All Just purchased my e350 last night :bannana:. I am trying to locate the aux lead socket. Is there a special lead that i require to attach this to the glove compartment? In the options it has AUX option in the radio menu. Thanks from the newbie.
  16. astamir

    M113 plug lead what brands?

    Hi guys Needs to change the spark plug leads on m113 w208 clk55 engine Does anyone knows what brand ignition leads the MB dealers using? Thanks
  17. B

    w203 Aux in lead

    Genuine MB aux in lead for w203's Fitted to my 2004 c270 £25 posted.
  18. E

    Jump lead points on E Class estate 1999

    Hi everyone Really silly question for all you experts, so please forgive me! I have a 1999 e200 estate. My wife has a golf which has recently been sat on the drive for a while and the battery has gone flat. I have never had to jump start my merc or the golf before, so when I tried I saw the...
  19. thebig1

    W204 IPod/iPhone lead part number

    Hi all, I have lost my iPhone/iPod media lead, the one that goes in the arm rest. There are some on eBay but I don't know if they are compatable or not? As anyone have the part number of just this lead?
  20. John_Doe

    HT Lead order

    Hi all, While changing my spark plugs I've noticed that my HT leads don't appear to match up with the order I think they should go in. So my question is does it really matter and would this cause an issue? Also if anyone has any information on the correct order and which one goes to which...
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