1. K

    Leaded or unleaded

    Hi, Old topic I'm sure but need confirmation , I have a 1973 W114 280e , just spoken to a previous owner that said he used lead additive , yet there are so many contrasting views out there . I was told that all post war mercedes engines had hardened valve seats so do not require any additive...
  2. Spinal

    Leaded in an Unleaded...

    So in case you haven't caught me ranting about this for the last 6 years or so, I'm driving to Timbuktu in December. I just had a thought... the car runs on unleaded, but the fuel I'll find it most likely going to be leaded... Any advice? Should I remove the cat? My concern is that the ECU...
  3. D

    4 star leaded petrol

    After my excursion to London last Sunday, I popped into my local Sainsbury's petrol station to take advantage of the cheapest petrol in town, I noticed leaded 4 star petrol are back on sale. Am I missing something? I thought leaded petrol were removed from forecourts in 2000.:confused:
  4. G

    W123 Unleaded or Leaded?

    Can anyone tell me which W123 engines takeunleaded and which must run on leaded/4 star (or unleaded with an additive i.e. castrol valve master). I beliee the 200 is OK with unleaded The 230 must have leaded/4 star otherwise valve guides wear (according to honest john - see below Not sure...
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