1. Charles Morgan

    In the same league as that Alfa GTV

    but definitely owned by a looney tunes Customized Volvo P-1800 For Sale (1971) on Car And Classic UK [C451388]
  2. D

    whats the league table re Mercs

    I get confused and dont know a clk from an slk is there an easy formula .I get the feeling a E class is superior to a C class yet inferior to a S class yet i see a C class C63 and that throws a spanner in the works as thats surely superior to most others.It seemed easier years ago with say a...
  3. E

    Win Rugby League Final Tickets: Courtesy of Valvoline!

    Hi Guys, This is your chance to win 2 pairs of Tickets to the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final at Wembley Stadium this Saturday (25th Aug)! http://thechallengecup.com/ All you have to do is answer 3 questions, and post your answers below - 1. What year was Valvoline founded? 2. Which...
  4. janner

    MBClub fantasy shares league.

    How about it? Rules... A fictitious £10,000 to invest in at least three shares with a min £2000 invested in each. No penny shares. Game closes 31 Jan 2012 and we check out who's won on the last trading day of 2012? I’ll start Rockhopper (RKH) 1067 @ £2.81 = £3000 Forbidden Technologies...
  5. scumbag

    F1 Fantasy league 2011

    I have set up a league for those wishing to have a bash at it. This link FSPORTS : Free to Play Fantasy F1 Competition - 2011 and this is the league name MBCLUB F1 2011 - League Number 736 Password - MBCLUB2011 Best of luck to all.:thumb:
  6. fast_eddie

    Any interest in a Fanatasy Football League?

    Hi all, as per the title - given the number of people here, I reckon we could get a pretty decent sized FFL going before the soccer season starts this weekend. My preferred option is the Premier League's own one - Fantasy Premier League - a Fantasy Football Game for the Barclays Premier...
  7. R

    Spurs in Champions League!!!

    Not sure if I'm allowed to post footie threads on here...But..SPURS are in CL next year!!!! Can't wait...We may even finish above ****nal still!!!!
  8. Mike Walker

    Champions League misery - Football/cars

    Chelsea were knocked out of the Champions League last night by Inter Milan. That was bad enough but on the way to work this morning via M25 I was overtaken by 2 Ferrari's - 1 red as normal and 1 black on an 09 plate....:mad:
  9. dunker

    Mercedes Fantasy F1 League

    I have set up a mini league at the Mercedes F1 site. To join the league you will need to registe and then inpt the league details. League Name: MBClub UK Password: password Feel free to join..... Mercedes Fantasy F1 Game
  10. W

    Free fantasy F1 2010 league

    For a bit of fun I've setup this F1 famntasy league on: FSPORTS : Free to Play Fantasy F1 Competition - 2010 After you register simply join the mbclub.co.uk league, League Name : mbclub.co.uk League Number : 40539 There are 2 options when creating your Fantasy Racers team in 2010...
  11. merc180k

    Short Premier league footballers???

    Guys/gals, I'm needing a bit of help here. We have decided to have an interoffice fantasy league and I'd love to take part but am at a disadvantage in that I don't know anything about the English Premier League footballers. I have also decided to go for a comedy twist in my team - no...
  12. L

    Fantasy Premier League 08/09

    The FPL is open again for registrations! Registering a team is free. Al's league is back up and running and you can join the league using the link and code below: http://fantasy.premierleague.com Code to join this league: 290-174 Look forward to seeing some fellow MBclub members in the...
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