1. M.A.94

    W210 e320 cdi deisel leak

    So my car has had a strong fuel smell coming the past day or two. Today I took the engine cover off and it I've found the leak however not sure what the leaking part is called and it's purpose. Any advice is appreciated thank you
  2. Brownbear247

    Slight leak driver's door.

    Hi All, My 1st proper thread. My drivers side door has a slight leak and it seems as though my window glass has a gap between it and the rubber. Any clue and idea as to why this has happened. Any help would be most helpful. Thanks in advance. Stewart
  3. N

    Oil leak. E350cdi w212 2011

    Hi all. I think I've found where there's an oil leak but I don't know what switch it is. Can anyone confirm? TIA
  4. S


    :-( My 2015 W205 leaks when it rains. Water comes in from the bottom left of the windscreen. There are no holes, chips or cracks in the glass, so the seal must have gone somehow. Anyone else had this? Will be taking it in the MB, but I don't want fobbing off. If this has now started...
  5. E

    Engine oil cooler oil leak

    Hi, we bought ML250 a week ago that is 2.6 year old (register in Jan 2015). were very happy with the car, but decided to check it to feel safe. The check reveals Engine oil cooler oil leak (photo attached). The car is still under manufacturer warranty. We are not sure should we just return the...
  6. design guru

    W220 Turbo/Black Smoke/Exhaust leak

    I have a 2001 S320cdi W220 and for a while I have had a slight exhaust leak in he area of the turbo. I removed the engine covers, air filter housing and the connecting pipes and the front of the turbo was covered in a thick layer of soot. It seems the leak is somewhere under the turbo as the...
  7. J4miejenks

    Coolant leak

    Hey guys, I have noticed a small coolant leak from the rubber hose between the air box to the top of the engine. Model is 2011 c200cdi OM651. Is this common? If so what is the fix. Thanks in advance. Will try and get a pic to show the hose
  8. B

    w211 Intercooler leak(?) or something else?

    I took my 2008 E280cdi for regular service yesterday. Tech noticed oil seepage/stains on the left side of the intercooler -- around the junction/seam between the plastic inlet part and the aluminum core of the intercooler. They said it must be leaking at there. I hadn't noticed anything...
  9. T

    7g tronic fluid leak advise

    I've got a s211 E320 and when I got car it had the oil seal replaced on torque converter, noticed last week it had leaked again, was coming from bell housing again, been back to garage but they say it's nothing to do with them as all they did was change seal and told dealers they wouldnt...
  10. S

    Mercedes s204 brake fluid leak

    Just been to pick the wife up, pulled up to let her in and the brake pedal sunk lower than usual, proceeded to drive home and decided to pull over to check fluid level, it was 10mm below the high mark, drove the rest of the journey, luckily only a few minutes up the road, when home rechecked...
  11. M

    1999 c280 oil leak

    Hi, my w202 v6 has an oil leak which appears to be getting worse. it looks to be coming from just under the oil cooler at the front of the engine. a little plate held in place by 2 bolts. is this a common area to leak and is there a gasket or o ring ? thanks, matthew
  12. B

    w211 E320CDI SUMP LEAK

    Hi whilst carrying out oil service I noticed that oil sump is leaking. On closer inspection the seal seems to be some type of sealant I was wondering what type of sealant this is and whether it can be done by myself I would be grateful if any of the experienced members could provide a detailed...
  13. BKM

    W220 Airmatic leak?

    Hi all, Last week after having the car parked for about 24 hours I found the front on the ground and the lovely red message "Airmatic - stop, car too low". Within a few seconds after starting the engine the car went up and the message dissapeared. Drove to work. After 4 hours the same problem...
  14. W

    Oil Leak

    Hi all looking for a bit of help please! I have a w208 Clk 230 red top and have got an oil leak that's getting worse from the front of the engine. I have already done the sensor cable on the top but this looks like it is coming from lower down. Initially I thought crank shaft oil seal but a Merc...
  15. G

    W124 Aircon leak

    Ok so I am now out in Italy. Its quite warm and the Aircon has packed up. It was recharged last summer and I was told no leaks at that time. Just been to the local mechanic and there is absolutely no gas remaining. He is the one that charged it up last year and remembers doing the job. So its...
  16. R

    Can engine leak from the rear crank seal and fill up the gearbox?

    I have a w203 with 722.6 gearbox. Overfilled with oil. I'll drain and check in the next few days. The 13 pin connector was full of oil and I will check the tcm harness later.
  17. RyanMuller

    Ever so slight oil leak from rear end?

    Hi guys, Yesterday after the car had been standing for about 2 weeks, I noticed a small oil patch about the size of a pea what appeared to have come from the rear diff. It's ever so slight but it looks like I have a weep. Now I have bought 2 litres of gear oil for the diff (Mobil 1), but is...
  18. A

    M112 valve cover gasket leak again

    Hello guys. I have done my breather covers valve cover gasket a while ago, all was fine but i noticed the valve cover leaking a bit even if gasket was new (aftermarket ), i retorqued everything to 8nm the leak has reduced a bit but still leaks, i bought a new genuine Mercedes gasket today and...
  19. O

    Using sealant to fix a slow tyre leak

    I have a very slow leak in front tyre c. 0.5 Bar over 2 weeks and wondering if using a sealant, such as Slime, that is fed through the valve a viable fix? I am considered using Slime as it does not harm the run flat pressure sensors. I have already had the tyre refitted and the rims...
  20. H

    W202 M111 big oil leak!

    C180 1997 A pool of engine oil on the undertray after a long drive! I know the front right corner of the HG is seeping a tiny amount of oil (it has for years) but can a head gasket really leak this amount without any other ill effects? It drives fine with no HGF signs. It's hard to...
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