1. V

    W203 C220 CDI Sports Coupe: Fuel leakage and starting problem

    Hello, After number of trips to the mechanic and trying everything as far as I can understand, I am now writing to the enthusiasts here to help me with their experience and knowledge. I have a C220 CDI sports coupe 2002 version. History: I got couple of injectors and glow plugs changed...
  2. babyblueCE

    Fuel line leakage

    Hello all. I noticed a very strong smell of petrol today and having looked at the fuel line, that goes from the fuel filter to the tank, has a tiny hole in it and is leaking fuel. Does anyone know where I can source a replacement? Brand new or second hand?
  3. S

    W210 - Need help leakage

    Hello, first sorry for my english i'm french and i have au probleme leakage of diesel on my E200 CDI W210 - 2001 Fuite de Gazole E200 W210 2001 - YouTube What an i do ?
  4. masseyfergy

    2.6 with mysterious water leakage

    Hi all my 2.6 sportline has developed a water leak where its going is a mystery i suspect head gasket problem mileage is 113k has anyone had experience of doing a head gasket on this motor? any advice would be most appreciated
  5. A

    606.962 fuel leakage issues. help pleasee!

    I am having problems with my 98 W210 300 TD. Six months ago I replaced the injector leak off pipes (the ones that run from onr injector to the next for return fuel) and then the mechanic told me to replace the injector heat shields because the fuel was coming from the combustion chamber to the...
  6. G

    Coolant leakage on 2002 C200

    Hi , coolant warning came on today... checked coolant and was low so topped up. Noticed small patch on drive , but no where near rad ... then noticed plastic skid pan under car had residue drips at very rear so assume coolant running here before onto ground. Read some threads on here .. ran...
  7. S

    W203 Manifold leakage

    Hey! Everyone, As you may have already guessed I'm new here. Didn't knew there was MB club forums up untill now.. :p Anyways, I have recently been told by my mechanic that my Exhaust manifold has a small leak which could become quite a big problem in the future. I have been searching around...
  8. E

    A160 rear wash wipe problem

    Can anyone tell me how to remove the interior trim at the top of the tailgate opening. This plastic trim conceals the centre seat-belt fitting and it is from this trim that water leaks when the tailgate wash-wipe is used. But how do I get it off to get at the underlying problem?
  9. 1

    C270cdi common rail plastic hoses leakage

    as per title, mine is a 03 car and as read sometimes on this forum it's quite common a bad tightness of the diesel hoses in way of the diesel filter and/or HP pump in front of the common rail, just over the service belts. said that, I've noted an oily dirt in way of the HP pump and hoses, in...
  10. Sam34

    Petrol leakage

    Few days ago, I have filled the tank of my W208 (not overfilled) and I have noticed that petrol was dropping down. It was above the rear right wheel. It stopped after few minutes (no idea about the volume). Considering: i) the cost of gasoline and ii) that could be dangerous (or in the reverse...
  11. scotth_uk

    Cylinder compression test / leakage?

    Hi Guys, I am looking at Neil's 190e 2.5-16 at present which is for sale and when reviewing the documentation I spotted some results of a cylinder leakage test or perhaps a compression test. Results were quoted as 14%, 14%, 14% and 22%. Does anyone know if this is good, bad or otherwise?
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