1. T

    M111 leaky cam magnet - Repair or Replace (if so where to buy)

    Morning, My W202 C200 with the M111 has a small oil leak from the wiring plug outlet of the cam solenoid magnet. I am a DIY-er at heart (with the backup of a mechanic for a sibling). I have seen a couple of threads with pictures where people have just re-sealed the cam magnet unit (have a...
  2. H

    Vito 2002 - Leaky Rear End

    Hey guys! Just got myself a 2002 Vito 112CDi but having some issues with water in the back. I've pulled up the old vinyl and the ply floor and the rear quarters of the ply is sodden. Where the rear light sit at the bottom are some vents, can anyone tell me what these are for as they look...
  3. P

    w204 leaky boot

    Bought a used c-class everything is going great but... Quick question have just found a fair bit of water in the boot well where the spare wheel lives...Where is the likely source of the water/leak? I have checked both light clusters and wiring and seems dry in there as does all the carpeted...
  4. gbjeppm

    Leaky SLS Pipe

    I am slowly getting to grips with the 560 sec I recently acquired. After cleaning up the SLS pipes that looked pretty badly corroded, I have discovered a slow leak. I planned to replace them anyway, so looks like I need to at least do the leaking one now. Can I replace them with copper...
  5. K

    2003 E220 CDi S211 Hydrauic Tensioner: Leaky with vibrations...

    Hi, My year long struggle with the accessory belt tensioner of my car continues. History from last year: http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/engine/162823-s211-alternator-belt-flapping-continued.html#post1824903 This hydraulic tensioner, not only vibrates, it also has started leaking again. I...
  6. F

    Leaky boot

    Any idears how to fix a boot leak
  7. R

    Leaky cam sensor

    Hi. Any1 know where I can buy those parts ? 1. 1× A 2711502733 das Originale ÷lstopadapterkabel 2. 1× A 0125450528 Steckergeh‰use 3. 1× A 0125450428 Steckergeh‰use 4. 2× A 0015454426 Rundsteckh¸lse 5. 2× A 0135457928 Steckerstift Its from here -...
  8. L

    Leaky ML (W162) -help please

    Over the past week or more, I have had strange electrical problems eg turn on left indicator, rear windows go down; brake suddenly, a rear window goes down; SRS light comes on, then goes off etc . What I have found is that the compartment under the driver's seat has water in it and the SAM is...
  9. michaelk3289

    w124 Leaky sunroof

    Hi there i have noticed my car steams up more than it used to (ive always had some water in front pax footwell under carpets (small but wet)) i think this is from the front screen. i have checked the rear cargo windows as i have been told these are prone to leaks, they seem fine. the other...
  10. R

    leaky filter?

    Hi all. was giving my car (w211 E280 CDI facelift) a spring clean (being optimistic :rolleyes:) and upon removing the engine cover; i saw a small filter(?) with a little oil on it. it was quite clear and only a little bit seems to have leaked... have attached a couple of pics. any...
  11. Smarties


    Hello fellow forum members. With the weather getting milder, thoughts are turning to spring and all things topless!! :) With our 420SL being a self confessed garage queen, and reluctant to make an appearance, I had been drawn into the idea of picking up an SLK for the season, prices are looking...
  12. michaelk3289

    leaky sunroof, 94 s124

    hi there i seem to be getting dripping water from the 2 fwd corners of the sunroof i have checked the drains, they LOOK clear is this a common fault and what can i do about it thanks Michael
  13. Stratman

    Leaky fuel lines

    I've (finally) done some investigation on my weird smell and there is diesel around the low pressure fuel inlet and return pipes and also around the bottom of the high pressure pump, hopefully it's only because of gravity! I gave the whole area a wipe with a rag, and despite waiting for a...
  14. H

    W203 C270 Leaky Injector

    Been looking around the forum for tips and techniques on replacing my #3 injector seal, was just about to do it myself then bottled it! I'll replace the other 4 washers myself but thought it best to let a pro sort out the leaky one with all the black death around it... I called Jay (Jaymanek)...
  15. D

    leaky merc clk 320

    hiya, got a small leak comin from what looks like power steering pump...as i look at the engine its on the las pulley on the right hand side ?...theres a small plastic black tank ust above the poump in question. is it power steering pump or something else ...does it sound serious ?...sorry to...
  16. A

    Leaky injector

    My W211 270 CDi has a 'blowing' injector. I noticed a whiff of diesel/oil over the past week or so and took engine cover off yesterday and fired her up. Injector nearest oil cap was blowing – although there wasn't a lot of black mess around it, just a little bit. Booked it in to my (non-MB)...
  17. Sp!ke

    Leaky damper - change as pair?

    My nearside rear damper gave up the ghost completely a couple of weeks ago in the cold spell. The offside damper is still fine and is operating normally, despite it being nearly 20 years old. While I was looking around for prices, I stumbled across a single damper on Ebay, a new original...
  18. W

    Leaky injector seals again!

    I am going away tomorrow night for a few days and have a lot of driving to do. Tonight I noticed that a couple of injector seals are leaking (I can feel the air puffing out and there is fresh gunk on the head - luckily they can't have been leaking long 'cos I only checked them a few weeks ago)...
  19. M

    Leaky Mirror on 203 model C Class

    My wing mirror was looking a bit misty for a couple of months, as though there was water in it, and now it has, for want of a better term, sprung a leak, with a an oily gunk dripping down the door. What's happened? Repairable, or do I need a new mirror?
  20. Z

    Leaky headlight on 190E!

    Hi guys, Hope your all having a good weekend... :) I was just giving my car a once over today, opened up the bonnet...Just behind the passenger side headlight, underneath it...i found a pool of water... Any ideas as to how this got here and what i can do about it? Car is 1990 190E...
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