1. T

    Tips for 18y old learning to drive

    Son has reached the age. Cannot remember my days it was so long ago. Anyway, need a bit of advice Any tips on finding a good driving school (other than personal recommendations - which I will be looking for). Also, any idea what the average number of lessons is before being told your...
  2. B

    A bit of a learning curve

    Hello all, I am new to this forum as I am not a Mercedes owner as yet but desperately trying to get there. I did try three years ago and three years before that but having owned BMW's for the last 25 years either as company cars or through PCP's, it seems to be a struggle to find competitive...
  3. S

    The best way to insure my daughter whilst she's learning

    I hope there are some people with experience on here who can help. The first of my kids is now at driving age and has started lessons. I am going to but something like a 10 year old VW Golf with a manual gearbox which I and her mum can use to give her lessons in too. I just spoke to...
  4. Meldrew2

    Learning to fly

    I've had the itch for a long time, but I've now got a bit of spare time and spare cash to scratch it. It's purely for the pleasure and the challenge; so daylight VFR is enough for me - no intentions to fly outside of the UK or at night. I'll stick to easyJet for my holidays… A few questions...
  5. Pitts Pilot

    How do I reset a re-map's 'learning' process after new exhaust?

    I'm fiiting a sports exhaust (subject of a current thread) and have been offered a re-map too. Problem is I re-mapped the car a year ago, and was told at the time that the ECU would spend the next few miles 'learning' the new throttle settings and power, etc. So my question is: Is there...
  6. T

    Learning to weld how hard is it?

    I am now suffering Winter Boredom and was wondering about learning to weld As a car enthusiast my life seems to be heading the way of accumulating cars ( not new ones either ) and holding on to them ,and I have always been interested in sort of classics / I mean slightly older Models, My...
  7. S

    Learning to love my C32

    Having had the C32 for a month it's time for a bit of reflection. It's fair to say I'm not instantly in love like I was with the W124, that's probably something to do with that being purchased to scratch an itch that had been with me for some twenty years, whereas this one was more of a spur of...
  8. Charles Morgan

    Learning to drive - how best to do it

    While my house is being renovated (not long now) I am staying with my sister's ex au-pair, and she doesn't know how to drive. As a thank you for her enormous hospitality I would like to buy her a course of driving lessons and then help her find a cheap to run and buy car. She works odd...
  9. Druk

    Learning Spanish

    We're planning an Argentine holiday in mid January. At the moment I don't speak a single word of Spanish, (well, maybe one) so I'm gonna have to learn asap. Any recommendations from forummers as to the best/quickest/easiest way. gracias. :D
  10. developer

    Is the "learning" gearbox truth or fiction?

    Most of my journeys are suburb and city based and as such, fairly sedate, with the gearbox being allowed to change under part throttle openings. Today I gave it some beans and I thought there was some lag between kickdown and (rather) rapid take off. It's been said that the gearbox learns...
  11. R

    "Learning" mechanics - anyone done long distance learning courses?

    Hi, So I've a little experience. Back at the age of 17 I crashed my car (1994 Peugeot 405), my parents said "if you want a car, you can fix the one you irresponsibly crashed". So I bought a Haynes and changed - bumper, lights, radiator, thermostat, bonnet. I'd love to learn more, I'd like...
  12. NICKYB

    learning a little more about who we talk to

    Just thought I would start a thread with some very breif details about members on here....see how different everyone is:- Name: Nick Age: 25 Country: S.Wales Currently drive: Mercedes CLK w208 Cabriolet Best car owned: S7 Kitcar Employment: Production Manager (engineering) 10 years ago i was...
  13. M

    Learning to Drive

    Not me :) My wife is learning to drive, and wants to learn in an auto - as she only wants to drive auto once she has passed. However, I have told her I think she is best learning in a manual, just so she has the option of driving a manual later on if she ever wants to. What does everyone...
  14. C240Sport97

    Learning to ride a horse

    After watching seabiscuit, I have developed an urge to learn to ride a horse. Anyone has any suggestions of a company or stables (preferably in the UK) who run week long courses? I googled and there are so many operators. Thanks.
  15. D

    Learning to do repairs

    Firstly, apologies if this thread is in the wrong place :o Basically, the thread title should say it all, but I'm wondering if anyone can suggest good ways to learn how to do car repairs, I'm not a mechanical genius by any stretch of the imagination, but neither am I a complete idiot...
  16. gina2201

    Learning a new language

    I can already speak English (obviously), French and a little Spanish. (bit rusty mind you) Can anyone speak Greek? And if so is it really hard to learn, seeing as it has a whole new alphabet?? Bit of a daunting thought really....:crazy:
  17. G

    Learning Something About Speedtronic....

    Well, I think thats what its called! My W210 has the "dual mode" cruise control, where you can either set it to maintain a speed you set, and the "limiter" function where you dial in a speed and it won't exceed it unless you floor the gas pedal. I've started using the limiter around Rugby...
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