1. F

    C63s coupe Personal/buisness lease

    Was wondering if anyone has found any offers on lease deals for the c63s coupe. The ones i have found so far seem to be similar price across the companies.
  2. S

    End of lease hand back - any recent hands on experience?

    The lease is up on my W212 at the end of August and I'm handing the car back a month early to make way for the new one. BCA are picking the car up and, at no extra cost, I've an inspection booked on 21st July where they will tell me what they charges they'll make for wear and tear and then...
  3. V

    C class coupe lease deals?

    Any good / short term (2-3 years) lease deals going around on the new C coupe? Looking for a 220d and with 4matic of possible and AMG line.. Or anything similar with the new C saloon or even E class?
  4. C

    MB Connect which lease company

    As I am having a few ups and downs with Lex at the moment. Just wondered which if any of members business lease companies have allowed the connected services. Thanks
  5. M

    BMW 640d M Sport Gran Coupe Lease

    Just been offered the above on a 1 year 10k miles lease for £180 + VAT. Still have 18 months to run on my current deal but sorely tempted.
  6. S

    Cheap E63 Lease

    Mercedes Benz E63 AMG Saloon £424 + VAT per month. :eek:
  7. M

    W212 service Intervals and service plan

    Hi, I'm new to Mercedes cars...I always had BMW. So please be gentle..:thumb: My car is on 2 year lease. I have few question in regards to services. 1. What are the service intervals? From your experience how many A & B services will I have, I will be doing approx 16,000mls...
  8. K

    Best lease deals on a GL

    Can anyone advise who is currently doing the best deal on a lease GL. I don't mind 2 or 3 year with a 6 up front and 10k a year. Thanks in advance
  9. Happytalk73

    Can you remap a lease car?

    As some of you will know I'm due to take delivery of an E220 BlueTec auto saloon on a 2 year lease. I intend to extend it to 4 years. As its a big car and maybe a little under powered I'm thinking remap. Is this something that I shouldn't be doing as its a lease car? Any/all advise very...
  10. Happytalk73

    E Class estate Lease

    I know the new E Class is ready and waiting. However, as far as I know the out going model is good. As many 205 owners have reported niggles with their new C Class. Far more than the last 204's. Maybe last chance of owning the old shape E before the new one is launched with a few flaws...
  11. W

    Lease - Service / Maintenance advice

    Hi, Im new to the Mercedes world and cannot wait to take delivery of my new car, i have got a Mercedes A Class A45 AMG on lease a 3 year lease. Im looking for some advice, i have got this for 3 years, and been offered a maintenance pack with Mercedes at £24.00 per month, will i need 2 services...
  12. R

    Lease on C350e - thoughts on this deal?

    Hi, thinking of getting a C350e on a lease. I get a car allowance at work which I can take as cash or order a car through work and have the money taken out of my pre tax salary (i.e. salary sacrifice). I can get the standard C350e with metallic paint, all tax, maintenance (inc tyres), insurance...
  13. S

    S Class Lease Deal

    S350 LWB popped up on my Facebook today £449 + VAT per month. Seems incredibly cheap for anyone in the market. Only 4 in stock.
  14. T

    Personal or Company Lease Advice

    My Colleague director is considering leasing a Mercedes GLA One of the questions is Personal lease Deal ... or .... Our company leases it , he then makes the lease payments that he would have made to the company ....... Company Benefits as lease offsett against Company tax ? He Benefits as...
  15. P

    Lease companies and ConnectMe

    Apologies if this is covered elsewhere but I have not seen anything other than a couple of comments in the huge 350e posts... I have a 350e coming next month from Alphabet, sure I had read they were allowing Connect Me but I have just been told that I won't get it as they are not turning it...
  16. Happytalk73

    205 C Class estate available to lease.

    As some of you know I've been excited the last few months about taking delivery of a 205 C Class on a personal lease. I was given some concerning news at Dumfries hospital on Monday that makes the future somewhat uncertain. (The details are irrelevant as I'm not one for much fuss ;)) With this...
  17. Z

    Lease Car Delivery Pit Falls.

    Hi guys. Can people share their experiences of things to look out for when taking delivery of a leased MB from MB finance. Apart from the obvious check for scratches etc?
  18. bob6600

    A Class (very) cheap lease deal or mis-price?

    Saw this on HUKD, has to be a mis-price A220 CDI AMG Night Edition 5dr Auto 6+35 10k Miles p/a Initial Payment: £775.26 Additional Fees: £180 INC VAT Less than £130 p/m...
  19. M

    Business lease, but pay for it from personal acc.

    All, Has anyone took out a business lease with MB, but paid for it from a personal account? i.e. used their VAT reg'd busness to get the cheaper lease option, but not use it as a company car. Thanks,
  20. D

    C63 or E63 lease deals???

    Hi everyone, With the new C63 saloon coming out does anyone anticipate (or know of) any killer lease deals being offered on the older model? There were some cracking deals around 18 months ago but I decided against one at the time. Silly me! Alternatively an E63 might work if there's a deal out...
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