1. T

    Any good c350e leasing deals around?

    Had someone call me to try to sell me a c350e estate lease recently. The offer was £333/month on a 9+23 at 10k (so that works out to £10656 for 2 years, or £444/month all-in) and I was wondering if that was a good deal? BTW, the spec was for sports with premium pack and metallic paint. The...
  2. J

    Financial watchdog to investigate car leasing market

  3. Felstmiester

    Info on leasing a car

    Never appealed to me. Always purchased cars second hand from private sellers and never really had finance on a car. But seeing the ever growing popularity of people leasing nowadays and the prices I've heard of me and the wife are considering our options. I'm not that familiar with any...
  4. Horrgakx

    Leasing - the way forward??

    I saw a thread in here discussing PCP, my experience when I went to MB Carlisle they couldn't touch a lease deal I was looking ar but what was surprising was that no room for negotiation, it was either take it or leave it. So I leased. I went with this deal...
  5. H

    Leasing, PCP etc vs outright purchase

    Hi - have bought my new car through outright purchase. But curious to find out how much it would've cost per month to have same car for 3 or 4 years. I bought outright as I usually keep my cars a long time - however, never considered cost of shorter term alternatives. For those in the know...
  6. J

    Looking for the best A45 AMG leasing deals?

    Hi all, as above looking to go down the leasing route on a A45 AMG, it will be a business lease that I'd want. So my question is does anyone recommend any particular place be it online etc. Any deals that i flying around that seem good that i may have missed or any experience you can add...
  7. W4E300

    Leasing an electric car

    I happened to be in the Merc dealership today and had a look at the B-Class Electric - great thing all round by all accounts [Autocar road test etc] and I'm booking a test drive. Principal reason I'm interested is my tedious 75 miles round trip commute, which I do three times a week. The E63...
  8. T

    What are people thoughts on leasing?

    Hello All, Haven't been on here for a while! First year of my car is out the way, one more to go! I'm constantly wondering what to do when the 2 years are up. Up until recently I was adamant I wasn't leasing again as I had the normal thoughts of "I'm paying £370 per month for nothing at the...
  9. nb_racing

    Advice on leasing

    The future Mrs nb racing is looking into the possibility of leasing a new A class. Neither of us know much about leasing so looking for some basic tips or advice. She'll be doing about 20k a year so need a deal with a high mileage allowance, I understand you get fisted for going over the...
  10. C


    I was thinking about buying an 07 Mas QP. Now I may want to lease a new Ghibli. Never leased, any advice is greatly apprecriated on the pros, cons and just the general surprises. Some great offers both business and personal. Personal packages are avg £725 PCM with an 3/38 structure.
  11. ScottBacon

    Cheapest Merc leasing ??

    Dear All I am currently looking for a Merc lease for my sister-in-law. She is looking for C Class Coupe CDi or SLK CDi for a two/three year lease. I have found a company called Frontier Vehicle Leasing and they seem pretty competitive. Anyone else spotted any good deals out there ?? Cheers
  12. B

    Mercedes Benz Personal Leasing?

    Hi guys, I know there are a lot of leasing companies around, some with pretty good deals at the moment. Having done a search, I can see some members have successfully got Mercedes themselves to match/better some deals. The question is, who did you approach to get this? The local dealer or...
  13. G

    Leasing Companies

    I have seen many offers for SLK at a very low price, how can Mercedes do this? My wife would like (as they all do) an SLK and the lowest price I have seen is £227 on contract hire and leasing. Are these prices real? Thanks Gregg
  14. S

    E class coupe leasing

    Hi I am new to the forum and would like some advice if anyone can help. I am considering getting an E220 Cdi Coupe AMG sport auto through my business. The deal I have got is a 3 + 23 @ 327 a month inclusive of VAT on 10k. I have never leased before and was wondering if this is a good deal. A...
  15. M

    Car leasing, MY2011?

    Newbie here, looking for some advice :) Looking at leasing a car for the first time (W212 E250 cdi), after paying initial deposit the doc's were sent through to sign, although the registration is a 2013 car with 0 miles, the build year is 2011. None of the quotes say the year but i was under...
  16. C240Sport97

    leasing an SLK250CDi Auto

    looking at lingscars.com, it looks like you can get the above with metallic paint for 2 years, 20,000 miles for a total cost of: 3x£303.60: £910.80 23x£303.60: £6982.80 Doc Fee: £180 Total: £8073.60 Am completely amazed, as that is nothing like the depreciation (and financing cost) for...
  17. W

    leasing: 9+23, 6+23, 3+23?

    Playing (not very seriously) with the idea of leasing a small cheap family car for a couple of years. Options are: 9+23, 6+23, 3+23. But when you add up the total amount paid, they all arrive at the same value. So the 3+23 looks best deal. But I thought the 9+23 were meant to be cheaper...
  18. M

    E63 leasing

    Was speaking with a friend who is looking for an E63 estate deal. He leases his vehicles through his company; genereally over a 2 year period. Can those of you in the know please tell me what is out there. matt
  19. GreetMe

    Car leasing

    We're looking at leasing a car on a long-term basis for my girlfriend. At the moment she owns a Mk4 Golf TDI (which she loves) but the average monthly costs (excluding insurance and fuel) are about the same as leasing a new car, and it's starting to need expensive bits replaced on it. So what...
  20. S

    Van leasing

    Anyone know any good van leasing companies? I am looking for a VW Transporter and it seems to be a bit of a minefield out there - advertised deals not available etc. Many thanks.
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