1. brucemillar

    Some memories never leave us.

    His is/was a truly memorable event. The two remains flying Lancasters, joins by a Spitfire & Hurricane in a very low fly past. Grown men wept. Sent from my iPhone using sausage fingers.
  2. KillerHERTZ

    Ill Just Leave This Here

    Hotrod, Ratrod, Mercedes (Not Truck or puck up) promotion custom show car | eBay
  3. bob6600

    Edd China to leave Wheeler Dealers

    Press Release | Discovery UK With Aaron having left Fast N Loud, this seems like a trend. Fuzz Townsend next?? New co-host with Mike will be Ant Anstead
  4. Marvin16x

    My brain says I should leave Germany to live in a van in the UK

    Hi all, I want to keep this as short as possible. I'm very unhappy with my life here in Germany and have been for many years now. I'm only 23 but could never really get along with the lifestyle of the western youth (submissively obey, party hard on the we, not care about anything etc). When I...
  5. brucemillar

    I will just leave this with you.

  6. RyanMuller

    Would you ever leave your car in an airport car park?

    Through previous experience previous cars I have been in had dings or nice mud marks on the sills. I would be wary handing my keys over to a randomer! Does anybody still trust the airport parking guys? Or am I just paranoid? PS. I am the guy that parks in the furthest corner away from...
  7. wongl

    The British are frantically Googling what the E.U. is, hours after voting to leave it

    Is this for real? The whole world is reeling after a milestone referendum in Britain to leave the European Union. And although leaders of the campaign to exit Europe are crowing over their victory, it seems many Britons may not even know what they had actually vote... The Washington Post -...
  8. astamir

    Eu leave won what now?

    Hi guys! I think everyone heard the news leave campaign won What do you think will happen now? Is it good or bad for UK? Scotland talking about pulling another referendum Irish talking about uniting and taking a referendum to get out of UK and stay with EU.
  9. G

    Battery vents - leave one plugged?

    I replaced an old (10yrs) battery not long ago, with a top-of the range VARTA model. It had a big red letters instruction sticker, telling me to remove the bungs immediately,- fine, I did that, of course. Once installed, with one of the vents connected to the breather pipe, do I leave the...
  10. grober

    Sebastian Vettel to leave Red Bull

    Sebastian Vettel to leave Red Bull FOR -------- Ferrari? Alonso to go to Mclaren? Jenson Button------ P45?? http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/
  11. G

    SBC buzzing noise with no warning message-should I fix it or leave it alone?

    Hello, all... Just bought a 2005 W211, E280 CDI. Car has the annoying SBC buzz, when turn engine on and every 4/6 brakes.... I understand this is a common issue with SBC with lots of info in the archive. I asked the MB dealer who serviced the car and they said, they would charge me for a...
  12. Beefy84

    Be careful where you leave your car!

    Evening all. Hope I'm posting this in the right place, sorry for it being a bit of a long story. Intended as nothing more than awareness and a heads up for you all. After work on NYE I drove into London to meet my brothers and our better halves to see in the new year. Knowing I would not...
  13. J

    how long can i leave my car with battery disconected

    hi guys well ive parked my merc ( 1998 w202 c250td estatae ) up for the winter and i was bought a nice stormforce 4 layer cover for the old girl, last night the alarm went off im wondering if its a combination of low battery and having the cover on the car and it was really windy too...
  14. Dazkeirle

    Small tear in MBLUX on Drivers boster, repair to sell or leave?

    Hi, I have a 2005 CLK 220 CDI that I am about to sell. The interior is very good nick for 87k, only issue is that there's a small, 4cm tear in the drivers bolster. Past quotes have been around £100 to redo the "vinyl" as can't be easily repaired. I've had a bit of duct tape over it and not...
  15. grober

    Ross Brawn to leave mercedes

    Ross Brawn is to leave his position as Mercedes team principal at the end of the Formula 1 season. BBC Sport - Ross Brawn to leave Mercedes at the end of the current F1 season
  16. K

    W211: Can I leave the windows down without the alarm going off?

    The plasti-leather seats are proving very uncomfortable in this heat wave. They just don't cool down. Anyways, to try to alleviate this, can I leave the windows down while it sits in the office car park without fear of the alarm going off?
  17. Peter DLM

    What happens when you leave booking to the last minute..

    ... you get the car that nobody else wants :doh: Maybe I'm being harsh, but it is an Atkinson Lee chauffeur special, a manual E220 CDi. This is the first manual Mercedes I've ever driven and it takes a while to get used to having to use clutch and swap gears oneself. At least the interior...
  18. R

    Best way to leave car idle for long-ish period of time?

    I'll have to leave my car (A160 W168) for just over 10 weeks, and while I can arrange for someone to run the engine for 10min while stationary, say once or twice a week, no one will be driving it. Now the question is: what would be the best way to deal with the situation: 1. Have the engine...
  19. nick mercedes

    Scotland set to leave in 2014

    Scotland set to leave in 2014 Looks like the Scots are off: BBC News - Salmond calls for independence referendum in 2014 Who gets the North Sea oil?
  20. nick mercedes

    time to leave the eu?

    "Britain is facing isolation in Europe after David Cameron vetoed a revision of the Lisbon treaty, prompting a majority of EU members to agree to draw up their own deal outside the architecture of the union. In one of the most significant developments in Britain's 38-year membership of the...
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