1. aquanaut

    Mercedes leaving DTM for formula E!!

    Mercedes will quit DTM at end of 2018, confirms Formula E entry - DTM - Autosport
  2. B

    Edd China leaving Wheeler Dealers after disagreement with new owners

    https://youtu.be/8IB15T1LYiY It was the best programme on Discovery so it won't be the same with the new format
  3. P

    Might be leaving the fold

    Test drove a new Audi A6 today, 2.0tdi SE S-Tronic, very enjoyable. As my E320 cdi looks like the turbos going and the diagnosis seems nearly guesswork, I've been looking at later E350 cdi cars. This would need £10-12k to change and this is only to get a 5 year old car. Monthly costs and...
  4. The _Don

    Driver crashes £1 million Ferrari moments after leaving the dealership in Hungary

    http://youtu.be/3em6cTkDX3k http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3304929/Driver-Hungary-s-capital-Budapest-crashes-1-million-Ferrari-moments-leaving-dealership.html
  5. K

    leaving the motorway

    This is most emphatically not a rant: I make a rule never to let the behaviour of other road users wind me up. However, in the spirit of informed debate here I offer the following - Motorway - it doesn't matter which one. Light-ish traffic, most of it in the outer two lanes, naturally. Yours...
  6. nb_racing

    leaving iphone to go to samsung

    I currently have an iphone 4s. I've only just updated to the previous software and not really too happy. Now it just keeps telling me I need to update again. I 'm a bit bored of it all and while it has served me well for 2 1/2 years I don't really want to fork out for a 5 or even 6. So I'm...
  7. A

    Best wax for not leaving white marks

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent wax that won't leave white marks if I accidentally over spill onto black trims/ rubbers. I know I can mask off areas but if I can help it would rather not. The car is a very dark blue almost black. Thanks Adam
  8. S

    Leaving Merc for a little bit..

    Hey People Around 2 months ago I had my CLC 180K Sport stolen from my house (someone broke into my house and stole the keys) Insurance paid out well as it goes was quite pleased with the payout so me and the gf put the money towards our house savings and got a 62 plate smart car (999cc...
  9. Spinal

    Courier Leaving Parcel with Neighbours

    Right, may have an issue... I order a lot of stuff online, and generally it's trouble-free. A few days a ago, I got a missed courier card; which stated they would try to redeliver the day after. As I was working from home the day after, I patiently waited and did nothing. The parcel didn't...
  10. whitenemesis

    Does Leaving the Car Unlocked

    Cause a greater drain on the battery? When I know I'm going out again in a few hours I tend to leave the car unlocked. With my S203 there was no concerns doing this over the 6yrs I had it but with the CLS? I ask as, when I lock the CLS, there is a release of air and the suspension lowers...
  11. Darrell


    After 3 months of working in the UK, I am back home to Skiathos on Tuesday morning. I have a 9am flight from Gatwick landing in Athens at 2.30pm local time followed by a 5pm flight to Skiathos arriving at 5.30pm. The weather there is sun, sun and some more. Looking forward to seeing my...
  12. S

    I'm leaving

    But not for long! Sold my E320 today (well I hope so,he's not paying til tomorrow and the deals not done until the money's in the bank). Had three calls about it after I sold it as well,always the way. Will be back in Mercedes ownership in may but I'll still be here!
  13. Stratman

    NSFW:Toyota Pious owner berates family for leaving engine running

    A young family are in a car park, and a rather large Pious owner starts mouthing off at them for leaving the engine running. Like the comment above the video says, "Apparently she has no problem with the 18 wheelers that deliver her buckets of ice cream and bacon flavored butter to the...
  14. P

    leaving for volvo land

    Hello all, This is the best forum ever :thumb:, there are always super quick replies and help. But my MB has come to end of the road for me and been replaced by a vovlo diesel (save money on fuel - and its actually very rapid too; nice 5 cylinder growl). Thanks for all the advice and...
  15. J

    Leaving but not leaving

    Hi guys, as of 31st March 2011 I will be leaving Mercedes-Benz of Teesside for pastures new. Ill still deal with all your enquiries on here and also via my personal email. Your enquiries will be forwarded on to the other parts staff here. Your discount(s) still apply as will the service you...
  16. verytalldave

    Leaving your key

    What are forum members opinions on airport car parks where you have to leave your key with them while you are away? Has anybody actually experienced any real problems - or is it just something you would prefer not to do? Thanks in advance..............:thumb:
  17. Londonscottish

    I'm not leaving the house tomorrow

    I abandoned the bike on Friday. And the E500 on Saturday Tried the Clio on Sunday - and got stuck twice. Gave up. Resorted to the tube on Monday. And found the station closed at 7.45 on my way home......strike? snow? who knows? I give up. Tomorrow I'm working from home.
  18. R

    Ever felt like leaving your job for something completely different and have done?

    I know many people will have thought they'd like to quit their jobs for something different? But who has? By that i don't mean, being trained as a mechanic, then starting your own business. Or going from one specialism of engineering to another. I mean a wholesale change. Or are we all...
  19. Sorry Pete

    Leaving a Motorway

    Okay, one for you that I've been meaning to ask for while since it happened though never got round to it. Say lane one is a dedicated filter lane for leaving at the next junction. Can you undertake traffic that intends to remain on the motorway in lane two? The example I use is the M25...
  20. HughJarse

    Im leaving MB

    Didnt know where to put this so apologies if mods feel the need to relocate. Anyway, as per title, Im selling my MB and moving to another family car. I have a rolling programme and its my turn to get rid of "my" car and buy a family one. In 3 yrs I will be able to buy a car for me again. Not...
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