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    Want to convert Vito van cargo bay lights to LED strips

    Hi guys / gals. New to this forum, so hi to everyone. I have just bought a NEW vito 116 Bluetec van. I had my last Vito van from new since 2004. Loved it :-). Ok, so in my last van I converted the rear cargo bay silly little light, to two strips of LEDs, simply by wiring them straight to the...
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    Drl to clk 06

    I'm trying to wire up some DRLs to my car. I did this previously but the only way i managed it was to connect the wires to my side lights. this meant i had to turn my side lights (parking lights) on every time i got into the car so that the DRLs would turn on. I have bought a relay to...
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    Vito 133 2013 LED Lights

    Hi lads pick up my new 113 on Friday and when I ordered it I didn't get the xenon package as it was thousands more. But all I really wanted was the LED lights in the headlamp. Is there any aftermarket way of getting the LED's fitted? Much appreciated
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