1. S

    RIP Harper Lee

    Aged 89. A good innings. Remember doing 'To kill a mockingbird' for my O levels. 55 years between the two instalments - she must have thought long and hard about it.
  2. Druk

    Happy birthday Lee.

    Don't eat too much cake :D
  3. MancMike

    R.I.P Christopher Lee

    Christopher Lee has died aged 93. Sir Christopher Lee dies at 93 - latest reaction and tributes - Telegraph
  4. Abb

    Calling member LEE 1092

    As per title, as I cannot PM you Lee due to your post count. Can you drop me a tx on 07706 542464 after Sunday 5th October please, to sort out a mini meet!
  5. ACID

    Lee C63 Stage 2 Weistec 605WHP @ MSL Performance

  6. ACID

    Lee's C63 in Mercedes Enthusiasts Magazine Feature

    A Few Pics of the 1st Supercharged C63 MSL / Weistec Stage 1 Pictures Next Week stage 2............................:D:D:D:D:D
  7. poormansporsche

    Anyone here work / drive for Addison Lee ??

    Pm me please cheers Brett
  8. Meldrew2

    Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle

    What a load of pony. Is this what our licence fee pays for?
  9. ACID

    C63 with KW DDC @ MSL ( LEE C63)

    Hi Guys As many of you know the DCC Coilover Project will start soon, Today we have 1 Small Package arrive :D
  10. developer

    Move over Richard, Lee is the new kid on the block

    I've always been impressed by my pal Sweetpea. A born entrepreneur, never shy of hard work and prepared to diversify to meet any market opportunities. Commercial vehicles, Solar, Property - all in his stride. However, this time I'm big style impressed :D.
  11. Rashman

    I am Bruce Lee

    On Quest, tonight at 10pm. :thumb:
  12. WesLangdon

    RIP Alvin Lee

    the fastest guitarist in the West has died aged just 68 Alvin Lee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia saw him live in the early 1970's
  13. K

    Anyone used Regency Motor Company on Lee High Road

    Hi guys Just got back from having my car towed. My B class B200 has decided to die on me at a roundabout :doh: The transmission will not go into gear and has a terrible grinding noise. Its going to cost me an arm and leg. Was wondering if anyone has used Regency Motor Company in SE london...
  14. grober

    Dave Lee Travis arrested

    The man who first played "Sultans of Swing" on the radio. SH*T. :( BBC News - Dave Lee Travis arrested on suspicion of sexual offences
  15. L

    Lee Jankovskis

    Hello all, New to this forum but need help with my e270 w211 cdi 2003 110,000 mile avantgarde. Brilliant car, owned it for 6 months or so with no issues other than a big puff of black somke after steady driving if I have to kickdown, presumably injectors need a clean. also sbc is noisy but i'm...
  16. bpsorrel

    Hubert Lee. designer of 2012 CLS

    Interesting video featuring Hubert Lee the designer responsible for the new CLS (as well as the CL and F800..) Sound quality's not good, but is interesting seeing him work on the design and I love the little scale models! :) YouTube - New Mercedes-Benz CLS 2012 Design and Making of Video
  17. christopherwk

    Addison Lee E- and S-Classes for sale.

    Not on eBay, but from here - www.addleecarsales.com For those who are unaware or don't live in London, Addison Lee are the UK's largest minicab company, and their black Ford Galaxys (the world's largest buyer), of which there are about 1,500 :eek: of them, are a common sight on London's roads...
  18. J

    Hallgraves and Lee Plymouth

    Has anyone used this company,which is the MB approved repairer in the Plymouth area? An SLK32 AMG which I am purchasing from an independent trader is going into this repairer for some bodywork repairs including rust on bootlid and rear wheel arch. The trader seems to think that authorisation...
  19. verytalldave

    Jerry Lee Lewis

    Went to a concert in London Saturday Night. It was only a low key private invite event at the 100 Club in Oxford Street. Any of those who know this club know its a small venue and only holds about 200 people. He is now 73 years old but still belts it out. What a show. I think he is doing a show...
  20. stormkenny3

    Lee Evans (Big Tour)

    anyone else been, was there on Thursday night at secc and it was very good as usual, I cannot wait for DVD it will be awesome. Kenny
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