1. daveenty

    Cars in the Park Leeds 17 September

    I forgot about this till I just got reminded a few minutes ago. Sports Cars In The Park is now the official title and they have two meets per year, one at Newby Hall up near Ripon back in May, which I missed this year, and the one coming up in September at Lotherton Hall by Leeds. It's not a...
  2. L

    SL63 AMG Leeds Yorkshire

    Hi New to me SL63 AMG 2009 in Grey Have just come from a 911; before that Z4MR, Z4M and before that Caterhams, Lotus and others Loving the SL - have a niggle with the suspension (see other thread) but once that's sorted will be perfect [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL] [/IMG...
  3. zebra

    Merc service Leeds /. Bradford

    Looking to start using and independent to service wife's CLK, any experience or recommendations of the local merc specialists. Especially the one in pudsey as my wife works in pudsey? Thank you
  4. M

    R129 roof replacement Leeds

    Does anyone know of anyone in the Leeds area that can replace the soft top on my 92 R129. I have tried reading the threads but all the places recommended seem to be quite a distance. Thanks in advance.
  5. R

    Newbie from Leeds

    Just a quick note to say hi. Just collected my C180 (w202). Known the car for years and looking forward to enjoying many happy miles in her. :thumb:
  6. J

    W210 Tracking in Leeds

    Good morning fellow MB enthusiasts! Would you be able to recommend a proficient wheel alignment/tracking specialist in Leeds / York area that can handle a 2001 W210 E55
  7. M

    Air Con repair recomendations Leeds

    Hi Guy's, I had my aircon re gassed back in October, just after i bought the ML. it worked fine for a few weeks but then I noticed the windows steaming up ( I never really turn the air con off during the winter) so suspected it had leaked out. Now we are getting slightly warmer weather its...
  8. M

    Mrs has pranged the ML , Any body used Brydens Garage in Leeds?

    Hi, sorry if this should have been in The bodywork section but the app on my phone won't let me post it there! Just wondering if anyone has used Brydens Garage in Leeds for body repairs and if so what you thought of them? Unfortunately the Mrs pranged the ML tonight and the insurance company...
  9. A

    Star Diagnostic in leeds?? Anyone?

    need to run a diagnostic on my E220 W211 in leeds? anyone?
  10. M

    Indie recomendations in Leeds area

    Hi guys, Does anyone have any recommendations for any good indies in the North Leeds or Harrogate area? Don't need one yet, but want a good adaptable place that know their stuff, ideally I need a Leeds version of blackc55. Used a harrogate based indie a couple of times but not 100% happy. I...
  11. G

    New member from Leeds

    Hi Guys, My name is Stefan, and I'm new to the forum. I've had Volvos since 1980, 340s, 360s, 740s, 940s, then 960s, but in 2006 I wanted a change, and as I'm not a BMW or Audi type driver, I thought I'd try a Mercedes, so I bought a 1994 W124 E320 Avantgarde estate with 7 seats while I still...
  12. I

    Tony Banks Leeds....

    Fitted my GS430 with a full exhaust system. Really good work by great blokes. Even though It was a full system, it came in at around £750. Top marks:thumb:
  13. Markjames


    Up to Leeds for a weekend next month, staying at either the Hilton city centre or Doubletree by Hilton. Have Saturday all planned but getting there on Friday afternoon. Can anyone suggest a good restaurant. Pretty open to style but like quality food and don't mind paying for it. Thanks
  14. L

    A45 orders Leeds

    Just wondered if any of you are on here waiting like me. I hear there are 3 of us awaiting allocations, which should happen this week. Ted
  15. reflexboy

    Stratstone-Mercedes Benz of Leeds

    I have a problem: I want my dad to view a car that MB Leeds have but I live in Surrey. I will ring them tomorrow but do you think it likely that they may transport the car my dad is interested in down to my local MB dealership? Also any comments about MB Leeds? Tia
  16. D

    slk 230 kompressor r170 Leeds area

    Afternoon folks I am still on the look out Is there any one in the Leeds area with a manual transmission that I could look at / be shown around so that I am a bit more clued up as to what differentiates a good one / not so good one etc.... Many thanks David
  17. D

    Hi, SLK R170 230 kompressor Leeds area

    Evening all, I am David, from Leeds. I have had a look at SLK R170 230 kompressor (2001 plate) and whilst doing so realised that I knew nothing about them :doh: Ive had a few sporty cars, a succession of Celica GT4's, a UR quattro and others but never had a Merc Is there a buyers guide that I...
  18. D

    Noob From Leeds

    Hi guys first time Merc owner from Leeds !
  19. allias

    Anyone with Viseeo MB1000 local to Leeds?

    As in topic. I would like to take look on one and test it against nokia kit in my car. Its all in a name of science. As per this topic: http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/electronics/96519-need-upgrade-nokia-3110-bluetooth-2.html Anyone?
  20. D

    CITP Harewood house near Leeds

    Just a heads up for anyone in the Midlands. I notice this event on 12th Sep at Harewood House (near Leeds). I havent seen it before, but the Cars In The Park (CITP) seems to have been going for a few years. You can show your car for £5.50 And it has to be a sports car, meeting a certain...
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