1. wongl

    Legality of owning/using Mercedes Key Programming Kit

    I purchased my W169 a few months ago with only one key and was quite shocked that several Mercedes dealerships quoted £220 to factory order a new key for me. :eek: I have contacted a number of Mercedes key duplication specialists and the best quote I got was £160 provided I drove my car to...
  2. S

    C43 Front discs legality of smaller discs

    Hi I'm quite new on here but have had a few MB's in the past, C32, C43 and a E430 in current use as our family estate. I recently bought some front discs for my C43 off Fleabay from a supposedly reputable seller who was selling these disc soley for a C43. I'd seen a few which claimed to fit...
  3. C

    SL Rear seats legality with kids

    Does anyone know if it's legal for kids to use the rear seats of a R129 SL without a booster seat ? It's a really confusing issue, as I'm told that all children under a certain age must have a child seat. However when my 3 year old and 5 year old sons are in the back of the car, they are much...
  4. Gucci

    Advice on MOT legality

    As posted at the weekend, my ML failed the MOT (due to expire 26th March) on a broken spring. The vehicle was tested on Saturday 21st March. The document says I can return the vehicle within 10 days and qualify for a partial retest fee. I have two options" Option 1 Go to Mercedes-Benz (who...
  5. L

    Yellow headlights/fog lights - Legality?

    Hey all Most people go HID's.. but I prefer ol'skool!! Whats the law when it comes to yellow headlights or fog lights? Are they road legal in the UK? Cheers Lee
  6. Richard W

    Snow chains - anyone know legality in France?

    Hi Folks, Anyone know about the legal requirement for carrying/using snow chains in France? AFAIK the headlamp thingys and GB stickers are only required by law if your staying over 30 days...... (but you do have to carry a spare bulb kit) I'm off skiing in March and don't want to be...
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