1. Z

    Detailers in Leicester(shire)

    Hi Guys Recently collected my c63 convertible in obsidian black and would like it to be professionally washed to avoid swirl marks. I just don't trust myself to wash it! Although I regularly washed my pearlescent white c63 myself. Can you guys recommend any valet companies in Leics...
  2. P

    New Member from Leicestershire

    Hi There, Just about to purchase an SLK around 02 -04 plate, should I be concerned if one only has 1 key fob ? Can we easily source a replacement and if so from who and how much....that could be a haggle on the price to allow for this. Any help greatly appreciated and indeed any cars that...
  3. oshea

    hello from a new menber from leicestershire

    Hi. My names sean and i have recently bought a 91sl300 convertable 3litre which was a stolen recovered so i will be plaquing you all for lots of advice to restore it to original beauty. The damage is not toi much.needs new ignition and keys,the roof or roll bar do not work and speddo.fuel...
  4. tonyc280

    Mercedes breakers in Leicestershire or midlands

    Any ideas chappies of any Merc breakers in the above area. Cheers and thanks, Tony.
  5. tonyc280

    Indie in leicestershire

    Any one know of a good Merc mechanic in the Leicestershire area or a dealers apart from main dealers. cheers.
  6. D

    Greetings from Leicestershire

    Hi everyone and yes before you start I know its late and I've finished uni and don't start again until September and I'm going crazy looking for a car... So anyways urm I've signed up because I'd like some opinions and possibly advice in relation to my next vehicle purchase. So what do I do...
  7. CardinalZeus77

    New Member from Leicestershire

    Hi, New member ... picking up my new C Class CDi 220 Edition 125 Sport Saloon in third week of September. Have owned BMWs for the last 10 years ... this is my first Mercedes!
  8. D

    New member leicestershire!

    Hi, i am a new member and want to say hello to everyone!
  9. M

    Wheel Refurbishment Leicestershire

    Hi guys Finally got around to getting my alloys refurbished on the CLK, they are the 5 spoke AMG alloys but were kerbed and had seen better days (previous owner). I called a company which I found on the internet and he came around and picked them up as promised and left the car on stands at...
  10. chriswt

    Crash in Leicestershire

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/leicestershire/7502461.stm This type of terrible thing really does highlight how dangerous driving can be. Some many people's lives effect including those of the emergency services who attended the scene. Does anyone have and idea what could...
  11. B

    Independants in Leicestershire

    Hi, Now that my ML is out of warranty I'm looking for an independant garage to look after it. I live in Rutland so Leicestshire, South Lincs, Northants or North Cambridgeshire would be O.K. Does anyone have any recommendations ? I've seen an adv. in Mercedes Enthusiast mag. for Silver Star...
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