1. D

    kind sole can lend us ecu set ot car to test slk 230 r reg

    it is in limp mode and we tried everything accept ecu n compressor being 64k miles should not be compressor or any ideas to fix it too good to break with new mot help plsss dark blue metallic colour too it advertsed for sale as is for £1250
  2. Danny DeVito

    Lend me 2 euro on paypal until next week ?

    Well there you go, i want to buy a relay for my car from quasar electronics uk and i am 2 euro short. Would anybody care to lend it me ? I will pay back next week with interest ! Please ??:dk:
  3. poormansporsche

    Could someone lend me a set of w202 speedo removal pins ??

    alright peeps, like it says, im just plain rubbish at making anything ! and need to change some bulbs - and knowing me i will break the cluster without the proper tools :) will pay obviously ! cheers brett
  4. O

    anyone as this tool to lend? 202 589 00 43 00

    I need to change the squeaky bush at the hub and the tool for the job is this one 202 589 00 43 00 As annyone got one to lend me for a small fee? Thank you. Olivier
  5. R

    Pit Start anyone been - questions (anyone lend me a heat gun?)

    Hi all, Firstly if you haven't heard of it, it's a self service garage. Pit Start - Self Service Garage - 020 8827 1919 Some members have used it before: http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/general-discussion/79104-pit-start-garage.html I'm planning on going there this Saturday to do some...
  6. fatherpierre

    Can Anyone Lend Me £35000??

    If only I had it.........:bannana: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/W111-CONVERTIBLE-220-SEb-1-OWNER-40-000-RESTORATION_W0QQitemZ220001155536QQihZ012QQcategoryZ31360QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  7. simonl

    Can any lend me £100k?

    Just seen a repeat of "Clarkson: Head to Head". He was driving an SLK blessed by Brabus. It had a 6.5 litre engine :eek: God knows how they crammed that under the bonnet. I neeeeeeed that car! :devil:
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