1. Shmeefly

    Mercedes Dipstick length E Class W211 V6

    Hi everyone I'm trying to find out the exact length from the end of the handle to the end of the oil level measure on an original E Class W211 V6 3.2 petrol engine I have purchased a new dipstick from ebay but it seem's far to long and cannot find an original so was planning on trimming this...
  2. Petrol Pete

    Dipstick length

    Hi My C55 AMG 2006 has no dipstick (my wife says it has one behind the steering wheel, but I can't -for the life of me- find it :rolleyes:) I am old skool when it comes to oil level management and am quite happy for the MB installed level checking system to keep me informed about the engine...
  3. K

    19" ML wheel bolt length

    Hi i have a set of 19's off an ML for my vito but my wheel bolts are too short what length do people use. i would just take the wheel off and check but im at work at the moment :dk:
  4. M

    Length of 722.6 distick for 2003 c220 cdi

    Could Someone tell us how far the dipstick should go into the hole please ie. the length from the bottom of the sump to the top of the dipstick hole. theres lots of information on how deep the fluid level in the sump should be but I cant find this measurement anywhere which I think is just as...
  5. C

    Locking Wheel Nuts and Bolt Length

    Any recommendations on locking wheel nuts? There's plenty on Ebay but I suspect they will be too short - I imagine these will require longer bolts (not taken one out yet to look at, will do tomorrow when it's light). A bit of research indicates a 5x112 bolt pattern, but not sure of the taper...
  6. Druk

    320CDi dipstick length.

    On an OM648 engine how far down into the sump goes the dipstick tube? I've gotten myself one of these vacuum pumps for oil change and need to know if the plastic lift pipe goes to, and stops at, the sump base or will it curl round and maybe miss some oil. Ta. :D
  7. Druk

    320CDi dipstick length.

    On an OM648 engine how far down into the sump goes the dipstick tube? I've gotten myself one of these vacuum pumps for oil change and need to know if the plastic lift pipe goes to, and stops at, the sump base or will it curl round and maybe miss some oil. Ta. :D
  8. E

    wheel bolt length to fit AMG wheels on my w210?

    I just got a set of 17" AMG wheels to fit my W210 E220 cdi but the existing bolts are too short. I have measured the bolts on the new wheels and they are 40mm long , i think i might need 60mm bolts for a proper fit, will i be right? Where can i get them cheap?
  9. J

    S124 load space length

    Still a few days off from collecting my 300D that I've bought. I've been wondering about the maximum boot size of it, in particular I often carry a few sheets of plasterboard. (180cmx90cm). If it's a few then a slight angle will be okay but anything more than that and I'll want to lay them...
  10. A

    Wheel bolt length for ML164

    Hello My ML with the std wheels had quite short wheel bolts, the new wheels off an Edition 10 model have much longer bolts. Does anyone happen to know the legth without me taking a bolt out to check. Its for some locking wheel bolts. Thanks
  11. Spinal

    S320 Wiper Blade Length

    A query... During the last rally, some jovial participant stole one of the wipers off the S-class. It's an old car (P-reg) - but I need it for the next rally as we are re-entering with the same vehicle. I'm getting around to getting it MOT'ed, but need a blade. ECP suggests a 28" blade...
  12. twice

    Wheel bolt length

    Hi, I have just managed to get a set of alloys for winter tires for my father's facelift W203 sedan. The rims are originally for the 211 series; but fit nicely to the C class as well, although the bolt length is not the same as for the original wheels on the car. Could anyone please give...
  13. Druk

    Serpentine belt length question.

    Because of the conversion I'm doing and that the pulleys are not standard to the engine, I'm having trouble deciding what the correct length of belt should be. Looking at this pic the belt is 2080mm and there is considerable tension on the spring before the fixing bolt can be gotten home...
  14. emenoz

    A class engine number length

    Hi , have a problem with the authorities , i recently imported a Mercedes Benz A class with engine number on papers and block as 16696030137802E110 the authorities are saying the engine number is 16696030137802 and they have to leave out E110 , how many characters is engine number supposed to...
  15. M

    Auto Gearbox Dipstick Length

    W163 ML 2.7CDI auto 2005 34,000 miles I've read the "How-To" on changing the automatic gearbox ATF, and made a dipstick from 3mm diameter stranded steel garage door cable. I've found it quite hard to push the cable past the constriction near the gearbox end of the dipstick tube. Tried...
  16. S

    SL 55 Wheel bolt length. Help please..

    Does anyone know the length of the SL55 AMG wheel bolt. Thread length please? Thanks in advance. Steve
  17. M

    Wiper arm length adjustment

    hi all, My first post and what would seem to be very stupid question, I picked up a 98 C250 TD recently in nick. In going to change the wiper blade I bought the recommended 24" blade. It is definitely too long for the arm as it stands, more than 3 inches over the previous one. Is there some...
  18. E

    AMG 15" Alloy wheel bolt length required!

    Guys, I need to know the correct bolts in particular the length for an original set of 15" AMG monoblocks (A2024010902) to go on a w202 pre-facelift C-Class? There are quite a few bolts listed on ebay but I need help/advice on the correct ones please (prefer a link to an ebay listing similar...
  19. L

    Adaharaz alloy stud length

    Hi. 1st time on the forum. Just bought some 17" Adharaz alloys/tyres for my father's 2005 220cdi w203. Problem is that I need to establish what length wheel studs I require to fit them on. Can anybody advise at all? Its currently fitted with 50mm length studs which are too small Thanks.
  20. J

    CLK Wheel Bolts Length?

    Does anyone please know how far out the back of the wheel the bolts on a W209 CLK should stick out? My CLK was fitted with replica AMG alloys by a previous owner and I'm wondering if the bolts are hitting something in the hub on the rears as sometimes I can hear a quiet click on each rotation...
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