1. D

    w124 lense facelift front light nsr

    who has it eurocarparts or gsf or others does not have to be original
  2. C

    W211 outer lense third brake light

    Hi. Any one have a outer lense for a w211 brake light? Had to be genuine merc part. Thanks
  3. rom1

    side light lense

    I replaced my standard side light bulbs with led bulbs, they look better than normal bulbs but the the side light lense seems to refuse alot of the brightness from bulbs as the lense looks kind of purple/blueish tint. Is there a way to make the lense clearer so the true white light of the led...
  4. G

    Anyone know Part # for Headlight lense gasket/seal?

    Hey guys, the headlight lenses on my W202 are fogging up quite badly in the rain and I think it has to do with a deteriorating seal. I've look all over the internet for just the seal, but every vendor sells it with the headlight lens only. Is there a Mercedes part # for just the headlight...
  5. S

    plastic headlamp lense

    hi guys new on here and first post so go easy plz. just picked up e300td ag and the headlamps, which are plastic? are very dirty/misted? like the plastic on a old soft top rear window if you can picture what i mean. anyway how can i clean the lense as at the moment they are affecting night...
  6. SilverSaloon

    WANTED: W124 clear passenger side front indicator lense

    WANTED: W124 clear passenger side front indicator lense. PM me if you have something! cheers derek
  7. S

    W211 Mirror indicator lense

    Got my wing mirror clipped yesterday breaking the indicator lens. :( Its a 2005 W211 E280 CDI Can I buy replacement clear lens and fit it myself or is my local dealer going to empty my wallet again? If it is a DIY job does anybody know the part number and explain how I get into the cover...
  8. R

    Instrument Cluster lense

    I have accidently scratched my instrument cluster lense, can I get a replacement lense or do I have to buy the whole Cluster. W204 :doh:
  9. dingopuppy

    W202 Indicator Front Query Lense Removal

    Has anyone any idea how to remove the glass lense and replace it? I've got the clear type lenses on my Elegance, and the orange bulbs inside have 'flaked' leaving oddly annoying orange flakes all round the inside of the unit, I guess I want to see if I can take it apart and clean the inside out...
  10. SilverSaloon

    is a stone chip/1cm hole in indicator lense MOT fail?

    Hi i have a 1cm sized hole in my front indicator lense on my W124. Will this fail the MOT? if the answer is yes, if i seal the hole with some type of clear silicone, will it pass? thanks Derek
  11. dokalj

    ML Indicator Lense

    Hi, Okay I need a new indicator lense for a w163 ML, 2003. N/S. Does anyone know the part number? Does anyone know how much this is going to cost? Does anyone know if it is easy to change? Does anyone have one? Lastly I have noticed that the O/S mirror has a clcik that happens 3 times when...
  12. Lugy

    190 Offside Headlamp Lense - New

    I have a new lens for a 190, it's the offside, it's genuine MB, part number A 0028268590. It's still in the box, though it has been opened to check it's actually there. £20 posted within the UK
  13. G

    W203 Indicator lense

    Need the clear lens that mounts in the nearside (passenger side) wing mirror of a w203 coupe. PM if you have what i'm looking for
  14. M

    Indicator lense removal (W220)

    Anyone got a description on how to remove the side repeater lense from the mirrors on a w220 Cheers
  15. SilverSaloon

    is a cracked headlamp lense an MOT fail?

    Hi i have a crack across my headlight lense caused by a stone.... the light works fine. is this a fail? cheers derek
  16. L

    Clk Fog Lamp Lense

    Got a cracked lense any idea how much a replacement and how easy to fit.
  17. 9

    C43 foglamp lense replacement

    Another fog lamp lense has been cracked. Last time I had it done it was not terribly expensive so I'm assuming a simple job - can anyone tell me how it is done? I haven't got round to getting my knees dirty yet to have a poke around. Thanks.
  18. SilverSaloon

    what cars does this indicator in the lense fit

    hi i have x2 indicator lenses for the DRIVER SIDE. they are brand new and in box. what models do they fit? i know they fit W208 CLK but what else? thanks! the part number is: A170 820 10 21 i want to sell them on ebay but want to list it correctly. alternatively if anyone...
  19. Howard

    How much is a nearside w124 headlamp lense please ?

    Another guy who thinks because its Mercedes it must be worth a fortune .... I mailed this guy on ebay who has a set of w124 lights (rear lights, front indicators and one headlamp lense) who says he will split, how much he wants for the headlight lense .. here is his reply ...... ' Make me...
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