1. Richard1973

    S210 headlight lenses

    Can anyone recommend a good cut/ polish to restore the lenses? Used a T cut type product and polished after and they are much better, but could be improved. Sent from my SM-T365 using Tapatalk
  2. I

    W124 facelift bonnet swap - must change lenses, too!

    Hi All, I've just swapped my '91 bonnet on a coupe to a '94 shape from an estate. Two things. Firstly, the estate washer bottle is on the other side and feeds from the other side - the coupe has a complicated water junction. Pipe lengthening soon. Secondly the light lenses are shaped to...
  3. 5

    W124 LED Rear Light Lenses - £50

    As title. Brand new and boxed but not tested as I didn't want to fit them to my car. £50 collected, postage roughly £10 to UK.
  4. Parisien

    Pair of W124 coupe smoked rear lenses, for sale

    As seen in photo, re-instating originals these are now spare ( they'd only been on car for 500 miles!). They sell for £65 a pair will take £40 including postage. P
  5. R

    US style indicator lenses

    I found these US style indicator lenses for my R129 - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251650696186?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT However they are only suitable for pre-1993 cars. Does anyone know of where I can get a pair for my 1999 model? Thank you in advance
  6. F

    Removing oxidization on headlight lenses

    My '03 E320 had bad corrosion on the top half of the headlight lenses. After looking at several remedies on You Tube, I decided to have a go. First used 600 W & D using plenty of water, then next 1200 w/d, using lots of elbow grease. I was a bit worried that the lenses were now completely...
  7. M

    Cloudy headlight lenses

    Hi Ive just bought a w211 E55 AMG and the headlight lenses on outside are really cloudy, what can I do to rectify it.
  8. zoros

    SL55 (R230 model) Rear number plate light lenses

    Need two please - anyone? R230 model - rear number plate light lenses that tuck up under the boot lid and illuminate the plate.
  9. D

    Part numbers xenon lenses r129?

    Hi, I am changing my headlights from original halogen to the Mercedes xenon. The headlamp units I am thinking of getting need new lenses. Does anyone have part numbers for a pair Right Hand Drive Xenon lenses? What does it entail changing just the lenses? How do they come - just as the glass...
  10. C

    A class door mirrors indicator lenses

    Hi, do the door mirror indicator lense just unclip off via pulling on the protruding curved tab of the lense?
  11. EDZ649

    Pair R129 front indicator lenses

    I have a pair of non-genuine front indicator lenses to fit R129 models. They are brand new and boxed and are the clear type with orange sides, see pictures. £40 posted within the UK. Thanks, Leigh.
  12. C

    CLS500 lenses, replacement/scratches

    I have been the proud owner of a 2005 Black CLS500 for about a month now and I am chuffed to bits with it. There are a couple of things that I want to put right; 1. The indicator lense on the drivers wing mirror is cracked and it's letting in moisture- question - can this be replaced as a...
  13. neilz

    Nikon APS Film SLR - Pronea S - 2 lenses, original case

    I'm selling my recently bought Nikon Pronea S SLR camera. It's film but nice and compact with two lenses - both IX Nikkor. There's the 30-60 lens, f 1:4-5.6 which can focus from infinity right up to 0.35m (1.2 feet) Then there's the 60-180 lens, f 1:4.5-5.6 which can focus from infinity to...
  14. brucemillar

    Canon EOS Bodies & lenses

    Folks I have two Canon EOS bodies and wondered if there was any value in selling them. What would they be worth. Canon EOS 50e Canon EOS 500 Both are in excellent condition and fully working. I also have a selection of lenses for these cameras.
  15. L

    129 rear light lenses

    has anyone got a pair of later type rear light lenses for a 129 for sale part No A129 820 33 66 and A129 820 34 66 ring 07860872675 Regards Mike
  16. D

    Dull headlight lenses

    My dad has a 2001 E-Class and headlight lenses are really dull; doe's anybody know a trick to brighten them up?:dk:
  17. T

    Front lenses CLK

    Hi Has anyone got a good fix for polishing the headlight lense they are looking quite dull in places through tiny stone chips ect
  18. T

    Front FOG Light lenses for R107 SL

    After a very unfortunate encounter with a small deer in windsor, I am in the market for two new fog light lenses for a 1987 500SL, any idea where I can get these, I have tried trawling the net for ages with no result? There are some details on the lens: BOSCH E4 920 R19 1305 620 016..017 Many...
  19. M

    Canon EOS D60 DSLR with lots of extras and lenses

    Canon EOS D60 DSLR with lots of extras and lenses Canon D60 body Canon Speedlite 420ex flash w/case Crumpler camera backpack case Sigma 28-300 lens Sigma 400mm F6 tele macro lens boxed with case Sigma 15-30mm F3.5-4.5 lens boxed with case Canon 28-80 lens Sigma close up lens acessory...
  20. Tan

    Spectacle lenses

    Hi I need to buy some new lenses for my glasses and have seen numerous adverts online ranging from £10 for single vision lenses. Has anyone tried any of these companies and can recommend one? Many thanks Tan
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