1. Scott_F

    Les Munro - Last Surviving Dam Busters Pilot Dies

    Dambusters pilot Les Munro dies in New Zealand aged 96 - BBC News And yet his passing won't receive the column inches and airtime dedicated to Cilla Black.
  2. developer

    Gibson Les Paul - Advice Please

    Ok, after the sound (npi) advice from the panel about electric acoustic guitars (ending in the purchase of a Taylor) and more sound advice about Fenders (ending in the purchase of an American Stratocaster Deluxe), the time has come to look at a Gibson Les Paul. Prices range widely from £500...
  3. Palfrem

    un jour day out pour le Citroen de Charles et les amis

    La Vie en Bleu 2013 - Prescott Speed Hill Climb And a two for one offer...
  4. M

    Les Paul Dies Aged 94

    Les Paul - credited with inventing the electric guitar, multi-track recording and other interesting recording techniques - died yesterday. Sad, but inevitable, that another icon passes on.
  5. portzy

    Gibson Les Paul Special (2002)

    No, not the one I bought from the US a few months ago :rolleyes: , that's why this one is up for sale as I find myself playing the 70's, '55 re-issue all the time now. This is a genuine Gibson Les Paul Special from the 2002 model year. She's in mint condition without any marks or any dings...
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