1. G

    S211 Rear Self Leveling Suspension - STRANGE PROBLEM

    Hello guys and Happy New Year, new to the forum, but reading from quite some time. So the issue is with S211 E320 CDI 2004, with rear self leveling suspension. As usual the rear dropped down at some point. 1. Checked all the fuses and relay - hopefully everything was fine 2. Was throwing...
  2. F

    Xenon leveling front and rear sensors.

    Does anyone know where are located Xenon leveling front and rear sensor for C207 ?
  3. C

    W203 M111 headrest drop and headlight leveling inop

    Hi, I have a 2001 W203 C200 Kompressor with M111 engine. The rear headrest release and headlight level adjuster are inoperative. Since both systems run on vacuum I think they are the result of a single failure somewhere in the vacuum source. Can someone spend a little bit of time...
  4. O

    Self Leveling cd 220, w202

    My cd220 estate (2000 year) began to drip hydraulic fluid from around the passenger side hydraulic sphere return pipe. The connection to the sphere had been so corroded that the 11 mm hexagon had lost its flats. So I cut the return pipe, and removed the sphere. There was no resistance to a...
  5. D

    W210 facelift rear self leveling shock absorber

    One of my rear sls shocks has collapsed and I need a good non leaking replacement asap. My car is the avantgarde model and I believe they are different to classic and elegance models. I may be wrong and it could be ok to use elegance/classic shocks if I replace as a pair ? Anyway shocks on the...
  6. F

    [doubt] Self leveling suspension - W201.

    Hi. Just bought a 190E 2.3-16 for parts that I'm just going to keep the mechanics and engine electronics of it. I had a proposal to sell the self leveling suspension, that is going to be placed in a 190D 2.5turbo. The guy also wants the electronics of the self leveling mechanism, can anybody...
  7. G

    560 sec leveling valve

    Just changed the valve due to the arm on it breaking. The car now seems to sit normal at the rear when stationary but the front sits high. when the car gets up to 40/50 mph the front seems to go lower making the rear seem higher. Is the valve the only thing that maintains pressure to the...
  8. H

    Retrofitting headlamp self leveling on a W208

    I now have all the parts to fit HID headlamps and the correct OEM self leveling to my W208, I have fitted the rear level sensor and the holes were there pre drilled, when I got to the front I was unable to locate any pre drilled holes, does anyone know if they are on all cars when they are made...
  9. D

    W124 estate self leveling suspension question

    Is there an easy way to check if the suspension is working properly. I attached a trailer to car and it seemed to be at the same height but I couldn't hear a pump working?
  10. M

    S210 HID leveling

    What do I need to check to get my headlight self leveling to work? When I switch the lights on they don't do the usual down and up routine they just stay still and get brighter. I am getting poor light spread on the road and think it might have something to do with this as the light does...
  11. I

    Self leveling suspension?

    Hi All, Is there a way of knowing if I have self leveling/air rear suspension on my W211 E320 cdi estate ? Is there a switch somewhere? IceBoy
  12. B

    e class 210 estate self leveling

    does anyone know if the suspension can be lowered manually as my electronics are broken
  13. G

    560 SEC self leveling system

    Tried to adjust the leveling valve. Car won't raise up or lower down . Also valve is red hot to the touch. Any ideas. Bad valve maybe?
  14. grober

    W204 estate self leveling

    I am led to believe there is a self levelling rear suspension option on the W204 estate costing some £695. Has anyone got this option on their car and what does it consist of?? Is it the hydro pneumatic type with a pump /level control and spheres or simply as I suspect a simpler self...
  15. G

    W126 Self Leveling Suspension Fluid Leak

    I keep having to top the hydraulic fluid on my 87 560 sec. I checked underneath the car and there are no visible leaks coming from the front or rear. Can there possibly be an internal leak? Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers
  16. P

    Self leveling suspension-CHF11S

    Hi All, I am about to go buy some CHF11S to top my self leveling suspension tank up, it is just slightly below the minimum line, nothing anywhere to suggest a leak and I have had the car for a month now and does'nt seem to have moved any. I have looked at the filter and it looks pretty...
  17. M

    W124 saloon - Self leveling suspension.

    Hi I have run various VIN decoders and according to the results I got my W124 250D (saloon) has been fitted with optional SLS! At first I though that there was something wrong but after I have done a little research I have found out that there was an option of SLS on saloons. TBH it...
  18. chriss428

    w124 self leveling suspention

    my estate is very bouncy, unless fully loaded, then just bouncy lol have been told it is the sphears and that they arnt cheap:( so can i just put a loop in the fluid line that goes from the sphears feed to the return there for bypassing them all together? is this the done thing or is buying an...
  19. brucemillar

    W203 Estate. Self leveling Question

    Help Does anybody know if the w203 C-Class has a rear xenon self leveling switch/potentiometer. I have found the front but can find nothing on the rear? I have only the N/S light self leveling. Any clues?
  20. K

    Xenon - Self leveling retrofit

    Hi all I have been searching the net and all the forums but cannot find the information I want. I recently bought an Cat B E270 so I could use it for spares for my own E270, one of the main things I wanted to do was retrofit the xenon headlamps, so I fitted them and found that most of the...
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