1. E

    E class s211 self levelling suspension issue

    Hi all, My Merc's suspension has been going down a while, it appears to be nearside. Here's the issue, it's been into the garage and they diagnosed a faulty sensor. This was fixed and the car was upright for about 4 days, first sign of any weight in back and it went down. Now I can drive the...
  2. B

    s212 self levelling rear suspension too high

    Yesterday I had to scrabble about in the boot a bit to put the parcel cover back in. Today I nipped out to the shops and on the way back I get a 'car raising, please wait' message and the rear end got very bouncy. The rear self levelling suspension has gone full monster truck! Any thoughts on...
  3. SilverSaloon

    W124 self levelling valve stripped threads. Which size tap?

    Replaced the SLS lines today on my 1994 W124 estate. However on the levelling value to one of the main 6mm pipes, the threads are stripped. I want to repair this with helicoil, but need to know the type and size of the union/bolt for that part... (ie size and whether its metric/imperial...
  4. PeterE320Cdi

    Is Central Hydraulic Fluid used for self levelling suspension?

    The spheres need changing on my R reg S210 E300 DT. I have some Central Hydraulic Fluid and wanted to check if it's correct for the car. Part number A 001 989 20 03 12 Thanks Peter
  5. P

    W124 Rear Self levelling suspn TOOLS

    What Tools , Spanners equip do I need to undo and replace [ new parts] pipe joints, spheres, valve, pump and fluid system on 1992 W124 estate Self -Levelling Rear Suspension. Cannot remove pipe union from under the Sphere - badly rusted. Even with the sphere...
  6. MB-tex

    W124 self levelling suspension problem.

    Hi All 96 W124 E280 estate. Had new spheres and lots of new self levelling pipework done. Suspension now very smooth again but self levelling no longer works. With 5 people and a weeks camping gear the car was comically low and scraped its undercarriage on gravel tracks. Didn't realise...
  7. D

    Wanted late (1995) W124 Hydraulic self levelling suspension reservoir needed

    Anyone got one of these spare? Mine has split along the moulding seam. Sits in the engine bay nearside next to the ABS unit at the front. Thanks Daniel
  8. pimpdriver

    W210 - just change 1 self levelling strut?

    My 2002 W210 (estate so probably S210) has self levelling rear suspension. It has a random "clonk". Two different (MB specialist independents) garages have had a good hard look at it and it isn't the rear subframe bushes, and they think the only way is to change the struts. But they cost about...
  9. coalville126

    Headlight levelling switch

    The headlights on my W210 no longer adjust from the switch on the dash. Did a quick search on here, checked the connections at the headlights and concluded that the actual switch is most likely to be at fault. Bought an apparently good "tested" used part from a MB breaker, but it's still not...
  10. W

    S210 how to check self levelling suspension

    I've been wondering about how to check the operation of the self levelling suspension on my s210. I definitely remember seeing the back end rise up in the past, just after starting the engine, but I haven't noticed this for ages. Where and how do I check the fluid level? Can anybody...
  11. F

    2008 e-class rear auto levelling suspension

    Hi I wonder if anyone knows if it is possible to adjust the height of the suspension on an e-class fitted with the auto leveling airbags?? Many thanks
  12. John Jones Jr

    W202, H/lamp levelling inop.

    Guys, As per the title, levelling switch is inop. I can't hear an air leak from the switch. Vacuum pipes seem o.k. at the lights too. Any ideas? Cheers in advance.
  13. K

    W211 Xenons levelling gone crazy

    Hi there, I seem to have a problem with the auto levelling function of my E320CDI Avantgarde - as soon as I start driving both beams start going up and down constantly but when car is stationary they are fine. Since both are going up and down the mechanism seems to be fine but looks like I...
  14. A

    W123 self levelling suspension - 'O' ring kits

    I have a few of these available, if anyone is contemplating refreshing their SLS valve to cure overnight sag due to internal leakage. It comprises 5 'O' rings. Nothing else is usually needed. It's an easy job... compared to getting all the pipe unions off and removing it from the car. £5...
  15. M

    Rear axle level sensor for Xenon W203 W209

    I once had a photo from a W209 CLK which showed me where the rear axle sensor was mounted. I have since misplaced that image and now cant find any document in WIS which is relevant to the "updated" location. The WIS documents show the old "trailing arm clamp" and various other details...
  16. A

    S210 self levelling suspension pipes

    Has anyone successfully replaced rusty old hydraulic suspension pipes on an S210 with copper or copper/nickel brake pipes? Are they up to the job? Were all S210 (E-class estates 97-02) equipped with SLS or is it possible to obtain conventional shocks and suitable springs to replace the SLS...
  17. B

    S211: Very odd self levelling issue...

    Morning All! This is my first post here, I have been on the forums for a while, but never posted so...hi! I was hoping you kind folks might be able to help me understand a very baffling problem I am having with my 2003 S211 E270CDI. It has standard fitted Self Levelling rear suspension (no...
  18. M

    S203 self levelling shocks

    Anyone got any idea of the original part no,? I'm looking to change them for normal shocks Cheers Mike
  19. 1

    W210 self levelling oil

    Does anyone know what oil is used in the self levelling system on the W210 E Class as I want to change the filter and oil
  20. C

    W203 Bi-Xenons no longer self levelling and too high

    Hi there, my factory-fit Bi-Xenon headlights have BOTH stopped auto-levelling at startup and are aiming too high, making me really popular with oncoming traffic :o They also appear to flicker (not on and off) but more as if they're bouncing at the top limit. I did have some recent work done on...
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