1. 5

    Location of electronic lever module control unit W219

    Hi Guys, plugged in my diagnostic unit and it come up with the following fault: sb10/mil check control unit N15/5, electronic selector lever module control unit. Not sure how to investigate it but can anyone tell me where the control unit is located? and what it looks like. If anyone one...
  2. Eddy77

    CLK Boot release lever spring

    Afternoon Gents,  Been a bit absent on the forums lately; I often check in but rarely have the technical know how to contribute!  Today I have a quick tech question.  Car: 2008 A209 CLK 350 Sport Cab (facelift model)  The spring seems to have failed in the "boot release lever". Let me...
  3. T

    Vibration through gear lever in 2nd only

    Hi all, My new (to me) W202 C200 manual has a vibration that goes through the gear lever in second. it happens if you lean your hand backward on the lever. The lever is vibration-free in all other gears. It decreases and increases slightly in frequency with road speed (not engine speed). If...
  4. E

    W203 Transmission Lever Shifting Problem

    Hi, The last several days, the following issue happened about 3 times. When parking the car after a drive, upon moving the lever from Drive into Park, the lever would not go past Neutral. It would encounter some kind of barrier, limiting its movement upward into Reverse and beyond it into...
  5. Doodle

    Gummed label for gear lever

    I know it was mentioned some years back, but did anyone ever find out the P/N for the V8 emblem for the top of the gear shift? I know Jerry in the US does the complete units, but I have a perfectly suitable one here that just needs a new emblem.
  6. R

    Any hints or tips for replacing the W202 Bonnet release lever under the dashboard ?

    I've got the replacement. Should I first thread the cable through the lever?
  7. S

    W204 saloon rear seat release lever

    For some reason I am missing the passenger side rear seat release lever in the boot.I have the cable but no lever,part number is A204 920 02 64 does anyone know where I can get a replacement other than the mail dealers?
  8. M

    The famous lever (W211 Headlight)

    Here are some pictures to help clarify things. In the UK the light projected by the headlight would flick over to the left hand side, however, if you are driving in Europe that would blind on coming traffic. To solve that problem, some W211/S211 headlights have the ability to change the...
  9. P

    SLK 2001 auto gear lever surround

    Has anyone got one of the above in Bird's Eye Maple please? I managed to take a big chunk out of mine whilst removing it.
  10. A

    Interior Door Opening Lever Broken £500!!!

    Hi Hope someone can help, the Driver's side interior door opening lever has broken on my C Class W204 2009 model, day before the MoT Due typical!!! Mercedes are saying a replacement can only be bought with a new door card at £535 + VAT (Heck!!!) Obviously want to try and avoid this for...
  11. E270 Owner

    Gear lever take apart W211

    Gear shift insert and covering removal. W211 gear selector & others apply. This is a take apart of the gear lever/selector only. If you want to carry out any mods to the gear lever insert or recover the gaitor/lever it might come in handy. Worn lever Carefully lever under the plastic...
  12. Chalpkin

    2001 C320 Gear lever surround (auto)

    Hello everyone, Has anyone got one of the above lying around? Must have all the tangs intact. Regards, Chalpkin.
  13. B

    R230 Gear Lever - Silver Start/Stop

    £35 plus post.
  14. C

    C-Class W202 What does this lever do?

    Hi Anyone know what this lever does? I've only had the car 12 years LOL. Can't see it mentioned in the Car Manual. Just been fixing my bonnet catch lever and wondered what this other lever does. It also has a cable connected to the back of it and goes off in to the engine bay...
  15. Hippy Herse

    W210 estate rear seat release lever

    Hi, the rear seat back release lever has snapped off leaving me unable to from the 2/3 of the rear seats. Lincoln Mercedes want to charge £75 for diagnostics, even though I have the broken lever in my hand. I wondered if anyone else had experienced this happening as it seems a very poor design...
  16. babyblueCE

    Gear lever light

    Hello. I was wondering how I can change the light inside the gear lever housing that lights D,R,P etc? Mine hasn't worked since I got the car?
  17. I

    E320 W210 gear lever rattle

    Hi, when I go to about 70mph in my E320 I get a rattle from the auto selector lever that sounds just like a loose bolt somewhere inside. Any idea on what and how to take it apart?
  18. 300CE

    Mercedes W124 Sportline Automatic Gear Lever And Selector

    Mercedes W124 Sportline Automatic Gear Lever And Selector Not AMG | eBay
  19. Charles Morgan

    Cockpit bonnet opening lever for W210

    The red lever in the lower right half of the dash on the drivers side of my 210 which you pull to open the bonnet has become detached from the bonnet opening cable. Does anyone know the part number and is replacing one a DIY job (somewhere between total moron and congenital idiot level that...
  20. M

    linguatronic lever

    Does anyone know that part number for the w906 sprinter?
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