1. C240Sport97

    Lexus LC 500

    Any one seen or driven one? I love the design, the squatness and the width. The rear is a bit too bulky, but I suspect it may look different in the metal. Sounds absolutely amazing.
  2. merc85

    Lexus Modded

    Thought id modify my Business Partner's Car lol:D
  3. whitenemesis

    Lexus LFA - What an Exhaust!!

    Gotta be up there with the best sounding cars.. Glorious 'noise' (not sure the neighbours would agree though...) certainly be able to scare little children (and some not so little) I think the local boys in blue would take note should one ping it round to the 9000rpm limit :eek...
  4. Gumball

    Not a merc but a Lexus ISF 5.0 v8

    2009 Lexus ISF 8-speed 87k Miles with FSH , will go up as car still in use. H.P.I clear Mot till May 2017 Massive spec on these cars i will try my best to list it. Engine + transmission. 5.0 v8 quad cam 32 valve engine , developed with Yamaha's formula 1 engine programme. 8 speed paddle...
  5. guydewdney

    Lexus rx400h 2007

    se-l model. 12m mot beige leather towbar 95k miles 4 x new tyres sat nav rev camera multi function steering wheel theres little 'options' on these, so they are all pretty much the same bar colours. 7.5k. I paid 8k two weeks ago. just dont like it. each to their own....
  6. J

    Lexus LFA: Spotted

    Love this car This is imperative viewing National Geographic Lexus LFA
  7. DSM10000

    Lexus GS 450H- Any experience of these?

    Friends are considering a 5 year old Lexus GS 450H as a replacement for a 15 year old 5 Series 3.0 l saloon that has now passed 200,000 miles. They go to Scotland, France and other parts of Europe regularly including down to Greece and want a car that is comfortable, reliable, can cruise at...
  8. John

    Lexus LS400 - import?

    Why does this LS400 have different lights to the usual LS400 - is it an import from Japan? Lexus LS 400 4.0 4dr
  9. toffee-pie

    2008 Lexus is250 for sale.

    Might as well put this up here. This has been my car since June 2014 and its certainly the best car I have owned amongst the pile of Fords,Hondas, Mitsubishi's and BMW's I had. This is the top spec SEL trim (14 speaker Mark Levinson system and auto lights, wipers, memory seats ,Adaptive HID...
  10. C240Sport97

    Another ugly Lexus

    what are they thinking?
  11. C

    Mercedes C220 vs 250 vs 300 vs Lexus IS300h

    Hi All this is my first post, my car was recently written off and looking to jump into something new. I am ideally looking to lease for 2 years and then see after that. Originally I test drove the C250 which was great, quick, lot of fun, then drove the Lexus IS300h which is a totally...
  12. C240Sport97

    Lexus NX

    Lexus appears to be carpet bombing on line and TV media with its ad for the NX .. which I despise, it is beyond ugly and hideous, it is deliberately horrible.
  13. I

    Lexus RC F super coupe on sale...

    This is rather nice and I generally don't like aggressively styled cars. Lexus RC F super coupe on sale
  14. V

    Lexus RC F

    Lexus giving the M4 a run for it's money Starting to get used to the Lexus front end and that V8 sound is :rock: Seriously contemplating getting one in a few years time (second hand of course...will depreciate like crazy I'm sure :doh:)
  15. I

    Lexus 300RX

    Assuming that my GS430 passes it's MOT shortly, I will have an RX surplus to requirements. It's a 54 plate with less than 90K. Due a service shortly but passed MoT last week. Everything does what it should except the satnav which has a mind of its own. Very slight scuff on rear off side bumper...
  16. N

    Flogged my lexus

    Hi All Sold my Lexus to come back to the good old Merc forum and as I am retired now I don't want to spend silly money on a car can any members give me a review on there 2005 MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS C220 CDI AVANTGARDE SE 4DR AUTO. 100.000 miles 2 owners with full Merc service history Many...
  17. I

    Lexus Long Shot

    This is a bit of a long shot but I'm forever being surprised with what folks here come up with. Problem. The RX sat nav doesn't have a clue where it is, often telling me I'm not in the county I am in. I've tackled the inch thick user manual which was written in Japanese by a twelve year old and...
  18. I

    Lexus battery mystery

    I've been running a GS430 for a few weeks, lovely car, goes like stink. Yesterday I had a meeting in London. Parked the car about 8.30 at the station, came back about 5.30, no problems. This, morning the battery was dead. I tested it with one of these: TestMate mini It registered 7...
  19. s88


    Gents, In another discussion I see mention of the easy entry system in the Merc CL, recall this many years ago in a Lexus 3??, V6 model, which was one of the few dealers to offer me a part ex deal on my TVR. I never liked the 400 series then very square, a tad rounder now, are they as well...
  20. DSLiverpool

    Lexus GS450h SEL 06 56 Hybrid

    My black with black leather GS450h is a great car but too boring for me. Lexus warranty to July as is mot and tax till August. Cheap tax as hybrid 50k miles, prepared to lexus used car standards (high) in July and done 4000 since. All wheels were refurbed then also Major service in...
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