1. T

    I did the right thing and now have a medically limited licence!

    License was up for renewal. One of the questions on ther renewal form asks "has a doctor ever advised you not to drive". I'm 5 years post surgery for oesophageal cancer. The surgery is major and it screws you up for a while. So after the surgery I was told I couldn't drive for 6-8 weeks, and...
  2. brucemillar

    View your driving licence on-line
  3. MancMike

    Can someone get a data card from a licence plate?

    Hi, I don't know if those who get data cards need the vin number, I'm sure it's been done from just a licence plate before. If so, can someone help me with the card for BJ12 HKF? Thanks.
  4. 219

    45 years with no licence !

    Is this a record ? Sadly , I suspect it probably isn't . Mercedes driver too - maybe the car will now be for sale ... Dumbarton woman drove without licence for 45 years - BBC News
  5. baxlin

    Driving Licence codes

    I've today received my invitation to renew my Driving Licence as I approach age 70, but (possibly due to advanced age) I'm a bit confused as to whether I need categories C1 - medium size vehicle, and D1 - minibus. I need to be able to drive a Transit type LWB occasionally, and DVLA quote "a...
  6. AMGeed

    Driving Licence revoked

    OK, a legal question which I'll ask in a second. Some background....... my youngest daughters best friend passed her test less than a year ago. Around New Year, she was pulled over by traffic police and charged with driving without insurance. Apparently unknown to her, the monthly direct...
  7. Mr Kripling

    Dead Licence Plate Bulbs

    So, I decided to replace the licence plate bulbs on my CL since they'd become pretty dim. After replacing both of them, neither will illuminate and I've got warnings on the dash whenever the lights come on. I've tried different bulbs with no luck and, since the fuse for them is apparently...
  8. Z

    Buzz gets a Driving Licence

    Just read that the DVLA have given a guy who changed his name to Buzz Lightyear a driving licence,if you could change you name on a driving licence what would it be I have a couple of ideas Woody Woodpecker or Buster Bloodvessel :bannana:
  9. A

    DVLA revoked Driving Licence

    I wonder if anyone can give me a bit of advice to offer to a friend and her family. Let me give you a bit of a back story, though I won't go into detail. For the past 18 months I've been supporting a friend who has tried to commit suicide 3 times due to life events from when she was 11, which...
  10. David404

    W211 Licence Plate Wiring Issue

    Hi Folks Until today everything was fine then today I got warnings that both licence plate lights are out. Quick look opening and closing the boot just a little, sometimes they come on but don’t seem as bright as they should. Thinking it's either a bad earth or the wiring up through the...
  11. Hunty2198

    LED licence plate bulb

    Anyone know where I can find canbus friendly LED bulbs for my licence plate? I have a 2007 CLS 63. They need upgrading as the standard ones look really dull.
  12. grober

    Licence to Thrill

    Licence to Thrill: Paul Hollywood Meets Aston Martin On last night on BBC2 -not a bad programme and a must for Aston fans I would offer. Paul Hollywoods enthusiasm for the marque -he has a Aston Martin DBS Volante- shines through. description:-Baker Paul Hollywood explores the world of...
  13. Dryce

    DVLA licence check code now valid for 21 days

    I hadn't noticed this until going online to obtain a code. The original 3 day limit was not well thought out. 21 days is rather more practical. But I'd prefer to see them simply provide a means of...
  14. D

    Road Fund Licence Exemption

    Hi, I have a motorcycle, registered in the UK, in May 1973. How do I go about applying for road tax exemption? Any help would be appreciated.
  15. grumpyoldgit

    Driving Licence - Changes from June 8th 2015 - Reminder

    Just a reminder about the changes which come into effect from Monday. If you intend to, or need to hire a car you will need your full licence number NI number and postcode. Extract from local newspaper... What if I want to rent...
  16. R

    Important Driving Licence Change

    You may or may not be aware that on the 8th June 2015 your Driving Licence Counterpart ceases to be valid. Instead you can prove your driving history by logging into a new database. The database will let you prove to a potential car hire company, employer, or insurer that your driving record is...
  17. Benzowner

    Road Fund Licence

    Having a discussion last evening over a few beers regarding the Which Report on actual consumption figures compared to manufacturers claimed figures. Needless to say claimed figures are slightly exaggerated. So, if actual fuel consumption figures are true, would this mean that the CO emissions...
  18. mirras

    Time to hand back licence?

    While out cycling this morning ( legally and with due consideration to ALL road users ) I took a slip road off a dual carriageway to be met by a little old lady trying to join the main road in the wrong direction. I managed to stop her and asked her to stand on the verge. I turned her car around...
  19. bob6600

    Check your driving licence online

    DVLA's beta site, can check convictions, expiry dates and classes for now
  20. cinek

    Driving licence changes

    As of January next year, DVLA will no longer be issuing counterparts with our licences. They will issue photocard only, and as of January 1st 2015 counterpart may be destroyed if you wish. More info here
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