1. A

    W202 Locking Centre Console Lid

    Rare? Or has everyone apart from me got one! MERCEDES C CLASS W202 CENTRE CONSOLE COVER LID NEW GENUINE A 2026800878 9B12 | eBay
  2. Gaz74

    W203 saloon boot lid

    Hi, As per the title, I'm on the look out for a boot lid for my C32, which is rusting around the number plate surround. If anyone out there has a decent one they want to get shot of, please let me know :) Garry
  3. C

    Boot lid red light cover 2005 e55

    Where would I obtain a red light cover for boot lid stop light. 2005. E55 w211. Thank you.
  4. GlenQ

    Boot Lid Lettering Template

    Does anyone know if a template / measuring guide exists for the correct positioning of the lettering on the boot lid of Mercedes cars? I need to attach the lettering to the boot lid on my 2004 S320 CDI.
  5. ScottyC63

    W204 Carbon Ashtray Lid

    Hi guys, Looking for a genuine carbon fibre ashtray lid for my w204 C class. Any info PM me. Cheers. Scott.
  6. TKvS

    Cls w219 boot lid seal

    Anyone replaced their boot lid rubber seal on a CLS W219, just noticed mine's is deteriorating. Any advice, prices, part no's, how-to's or YT videos welcome. Thank you in advance.
  7. Alex

    Sticking Boot Lid Handle

    Had this on my W211. You have to manually push the handle to open as it would stick in the open lid position. So I thought I'd take the handle apart, inspect it, maybe replace what's obviously worn and regrease where necessary. After taking a closer look, nothing stood out as being broken or...
  8. m2287

    W220 boot lid problem and battery drain

    Any ideas on this one guys... 2003 w220 s320 CDI The battery drains overnight and needs to be jump started in the morning. The boot will only open using the key and the button on the drivers door, pressing the boot button won't open it, doesn't do a thing! I'm guessing the two could...
  9. David404

    Boot Lid Model Badges -W211- E320 - 2009my

    I'll be getting my E320 next week (very excited) :bannana:. It's got the standard E320 and CDI badges on the boot lid. I hate model badges, they look untidy and I'm of the opinion that I know what it is, you don’t need to know so my preference would be to remove the badges… So my question...
  10. optimusprime

    W124 boot lid interior cover fitting diag

    In the problem zone again.So i am asking if any member can find info on fixing the moulded trim to the trunk lid. My w124 never came with a moulded trim cover,.And as i had seen other w124 with one , so i wanted one . The bootlid is looking cheap with out it. .Ebay was the place i picked one...
  11. T

    W176 centre console missing ashtray lid in 2013 models

    I have a 2013 manual A Class 200 CDI AMG sport and the centre console ashtray/charger compartment in the front of the console where it meets the dash has no lid fitted (the earlier manual models didn't I am told). In automatic and all later manual models the compartment has a lid - can this unit...
  12. M

    Micro bubbles on boot lid

    Hi - I just gave my new 2011 c220 cdi red saloon a wash and noticed hundreds of small bubbles in the paintwork - is this common and can I take it to merc as car is only 4.5 years old? - I bought the car second hand from a dealer - bubbles are all over the boot lid
  13. W

    R230 (SL350) Boot Lid Gas Strut Question

    Hi, I have an issue where the Boot Lid on my SL350 will not stay open, but continually falls on my head - I need to replace the Boot Lid Gas Struts where they even have their Part Number conveniently written on them (Q7 A230 750 0036). My question concerns the fact that I have (in error)...
  14. Swinders

    WANTED: 2013 C220 CDI Boot Lid Spoiler

    Having searched eBay a bit and not being able to find one which would fit my car, can anyone point me in the direction to where I could get one of these? I'd need it in Iridium Silver Metallic and as far as I know its a quick DIY to fit? Any help appreciated!
  15. Blue Moon

    Boot Lid First Aid Kit ?

    Hi all I have a '55 plate C55, and it seems it's missing whatever sits in the roof of the bootlid. In my M3 it was a tool kit, but I'm thinking this might be a first aid kit :dk: It has the lug locators and screw fixing in the lining, but nothing else. Does anyone have any ideas, or even...
  16. optimusprime

    W124 boot lid info

    Hi from day one of owning my w124 i have never liked how the basic w124 was finished off ,in the boot area that is .I really want to know if any other member as fitted the W124 coupe boot liner to the W124 saloon trunk lid .Just to finish it off . .
  17. A

    Wanted: W124 Coupe boot/trunk lid

    Has to be rust free and from an facelift model with the plastic insert. Seller should be abel to arrange shipping to Stockholm, Sweden. If You have one and You are abel to to go the extra mile with shipping, please email me as I cant use the PM facility. Send your offer to alar @
  18. kjb1

    w205 s205 Gloss Black trim Carbon fibre centre ashtray lid

    Hi all. I own a c220 AMG Line premium plus, which has the gloss black centre console. Now I don't know about anyone else but Im finding mine marks easily, and the main area in terms of surface is the ashtray lid. I have found on ebay a seller offering a complete centre console in Carbon...
  19. C

    Water in boot lid

    So I removed the rear light clusters from the boot lid, to reveal: The water leaking in through mostly the top screw hole but also the bottom one. I have put a mix of petroleum jelly and WD40 around the screws to prevent the water from getting in. It was also only leaking in through the O/S...
  20. D

    E211 Boot lid drips when open after rain

    After its been raining, when I open the boot on my E211, water drips from the corners into the boot area. Its not just one or two drips, its a consistent dripping. I guess that water is getting trapped in the panel somewhere as there appears to be a sort of foam mesh in what I assume to be...
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