1. bob6600

    Lidl stuff (again)

    I'm sure daveenty posted this but could not find it The 12v oil sucker is now live, £12.99 so I had to pick one up because erm I saw it lol. I also saw a 1000kg chain lift for £29.99 but could not justify buying it although that may change! Can't see it online though. Again comes with 3 year...
  2. N

    LIDL, £12.99 - Ultimate Speed 12v Oil Suction Pump

    Anyone used this Lidl suction pump? Looks like a bargain if it works & gets all the oil out. Ultimate Speed Oil Suction Pump - Monday, 29.02. - Lidl UK Ultimate Speed Oil Suction Pump £12.99*Each Operates via 12V car battery for clean and effortless changing of engine oil and...
  3. E

    Lidl battery charger 13.99 and tester 2.99

    ...from Thursday. I have had the charger for nearly 3 yrs and still going strong after being used at the weekend. The tester is for battery and alternator - has anyone used the tester before? There's some other car related offers also as per link:
  4. N

    Not ebay, Lidl battery charger on special offer - £13.99.

    Ultimate Speed Car Battery Charger - Thursday, 01.10. - Lidl UK Ultimate Speed Car Battery Charger £13.99*Each Intelligent microprocessor control with diagnostics programme and controlled charging process With reverse polarity, short circuit and overload protection as well as...
  5. I

    Nice low mileage Bentley for the Lidl run.

    1983 BENTLEY MULSANNE TURBO - GENUINE 3,068 MILES YES 3,068 MILES FRO NEW | eBay What'll it make????
  6. J

    Lidl Battery Charger

    Lidl have the car battery chargers on offer that are mentioned in other posts for anyone looking to get a reasonably priced one.
  7. J

    Lidl dash cam

    Might be a bit late but just noticed Lidl are offering a dash cam for £40
  8. GordonTarling

    Lidl generator

    Need a generator for a while and was thinking about buying this one that's on offer from Lidl this week. Looks OK to me, but I'm not sure about those red sockets for the output - does anyone know what plug will fit?
  9. I

    Lidl Special for MB Owners from 24th Feb

    Heads up, only £2.99:
  10. I

    Heads up Lidl Car Stuff...

    Car stuff offers from 3rd Oct Our Offers - Thursday, 03.10. - Lidl UK
  11. splitpin

    Lidl again

    Following forum members recommendations for Lidl`s Goody Luxury Fruit & Nut muesli we have become devotees & purchase heavily. Recent visits have resulted in "No Stock" & no explanation. :eek: Is it still available in other parts of the country ? There still appear to be other...
  12. M

    Lidl Roof Bars

    Bought a set a while back on the premise 'at that price might well as get some just in case' A couple of days back this became the case when I needed to carry some extra stuff and bought a Karrite Roof Box on Fleabay. That is when I found out that the Lidl bars are a fraction of an inch wider...
  13. vijilants

    Just bought this special offer sander at lidl !!

    Folks, If you are interested in a cheap sander I just bought this LIDL Great Britain - at lidl in their special offers. £17.99 and for additional 30 sanding disks £2.99 3 year warranty on the sander !!! Bargain!!! :)
  14. W

    5L of -60 C screen wash for £6 @ Lidl

    It's that time of year again....... I'm yet to find anything that's better value than Lidl's screenwash. undiluted -60C 1:1 -20C LIDL Best buy these things now, if you wait for the first snow flake stocks vanish very quickly.
  15. AANDYY

    Lidl recall of a cheese product.

  16. Sp!ke

    Lidl Maintenance charger on todays special

    Well I popped out at lunch and picked this maintenance charger up at my local Lidl for £12.99. So a quick review in case others think it worthy of purchase. First off, It doesnt come with fly leads for more permanent connections like the more expensive maintenance chargers do but I'm sure...
  17. W

    Lidl Antifreeze or Coolant Tester 99p

    Lidl Antifreeze or Coolant Tester 99p: LIDL plus the usual assortment of good and not so good motoring bits: LIDL
  18. W

    Senior person's mobile phone - Lidl offer

    Looking for a back-to-basics mobile phone? Big Button Mobile Phone £39.99 I'm even tempted for one myself. I'd program the emergency button to call my wife to collect me from the pub :)
  19. W

    A few miscellaneous offers from Lidl

    A few miscellaneous offers from Lidl that may or may not be of interest weather station £19.99 - LIDL power inverter £14.99 - LIDL
  20. W

    Arc welder - Lidl £30

    LIDL - welder LIDL - electrodes For welding both steel and sheet steel Adjustable welding current range (A): 40 - 80 Idling voltage (V): 48 Electrode holder cable, length (m): 2 Earth clamp cable, length (m): 2 Electrode size range Ø (mm): 1.6 - 2.5 Welding material thickness (mm): 1.5...
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