1. M

    2016 Mercedes Vito Tyres life expectancy?

    2016 Mercedes Vito Tyres life expectancy? We are burning through tyres like there is no tomorrow!! 3 sets of front tyres since new and only 45,000 on the clock! Current Tyres are - continental contact and are shot after 10,000 I was wondering if this is normal, and if not can...
  2. D

    Commit For Life

    If you had to commit to just one manufacturer, (that you can realistically afford) for all your cars, for the rest of your life which one would it be? I'm more than happy with MB. :thumb: (I wonder what Bruno will say? :dk:)
  3. H

    CL600 Tread life

    I was just wondering what kind of life CL600 owners are getting out of their rear tyres ? I Just passed an MOT with a warning that my rear tyres have only 3mm left. I have done about 4600 miles on them and they originally have 7.5mm treads.. That means that I have used up 1mm of treads...
  4. RyanMuller

    Can you actually hit your cars 0-60 in real life?

    Tried to do a timed run on an empty stretch of road that leads to a dead end in the sticks, away from any other cars with good visibility. The 32 should hit 60 in about 4.6 seconds but there's no way I can reach that ! First run the wheels just spun for the first 2-3 seconds and it was like 7...
  5. Dogbreath

    Key Fob battery life

    How long are you getting from your battery's in your key? Mine are running out after only a couple of month... anyone else had this happen? Car is a 2005 E55k Don't know if it makes any difference ? Light on fob is not stuck on or owt.....! Thanks Lee
  6. L

    Battery Life

    After having starting problems with the Mitsubishi, I had to replace the 2 batteries. To my amazement the batteries were 10 years and 10 months old. Given the hard life they had ( starter & alternator problems, batteries draining, then being overcharged etc) it is all the more astonishing. They...
  7. abecketts

    Interior Light has a life of its own

    Driving back from depositing middle child at Uni and Mrs A was sitting in the passenger seat, she turned towards me and all the interior lights at the front of the far came on. Slightly disconcerting when driving but I wondered why. It seems if she leans on the front passenger door panel when...
  8. S

    What's the biggest mistake of your life?

    Recently I switched jobs on a load of promises etc. I went back to working for a huge corporate and basically it's been nothing but broken promises since I joined. I sold my C63 which I had held out for a few years to be able to buy and basically generally changes my life to appease the...
  9. M

    Lessons in Life - What Has Life Taught You?

    Talking to one of my neighbours earlier about how life changes us (sometimes for the worse, sometimes for better) got me wondering what other peoples life experiences had taught them. To give this some context, I’ll give you my recent history and what it’s taught me. Seven years ago, aged...
  10. C

    C63 PPP brake disc life....

    Hi all, I'm on the hunt for a pre-facelift C63 and have my eye on one which has the PPP and LSD. My question is regarding the brakes, on average how long does the composite brake discs / pads last? I'm aware they are mega money but wanted to know their lastability. I appreciate it...
  11. D

    Fancy spending your life waiting at junctions to be let out?

    Then buy my X5.... It's terrible off-road, the steering is heavy, the interior is devoid of any style and the wipers have a mind of their own is just a little list of a few of the positives of this fine jewel of a BMW. It's covered a passive-aggressive low mileage of just 71k which is...
  12. bob6600

    Mobil 1 New Life 0W-40 5L on offer

    For the next 5 hours, it's on for £30.55 delivered for Prime members on Amazon. Roughly same price as Costco but delivered free to your door. Also not everyone has a Costco membership or one local to them. May help someone. Mobil 1 New Life 0W-40 Engine Oil 5L: Car & Motorbike
  13. The _Don

    Getting started - 33 exotic & classic cars roar to life.

    Enjoy ( The legs ) -
  14. IMD

    Rough road handling! Life span on struts and springs?

    Hi all, I'm wondering what the effective lifespan is of factory fitted struts and springs? My R129 is really starting to rattle and bounce alarmingly when driving over rougher country roads. I know that the staggered 18 inch wheels don't help and I'm having some suspension components checked...
  15. 190

    Fill for life final drive and gearbox

    As far as I can make out there is no maintenance schedule to change final drive and gearbox oil and precious little information in the owners handbook as to what oil to use if you want to do it. Do you think a change is necessary and at what mileage ? I'm coming up to 50,000 miles. I'm...
  16. K

    S320 CDI problem, worst two days of my life (Spawning from faulty alternator).

    This weekend my girlfriend and I were headed on holidays in my new car I bought for £1200, an S320 CDI (2001), when the car just cut out when I put the boot down on it. Red lights flashed in front of me saying power problem, battery problem, not able to start. I did my research and found out...
  17. ringway

    Mercedes E-Class Production. Easy Life...

    I like the way the dashboard is inserted, five wheel bolts at once, the shell dropping over the struts and that Star Lady at the end of the video. :) LEgGqSybLTo
  18. John

    An hour to save your life.

    Anyone been watching this? On currently is the second series and the first episode, one case they featured is of a 26 year old German woman who was on a bicycle and I presume was positioned on the inside of a big tipper lorry, which crushed her pelvic area as it turned left. She was basically...
  19. K

    Gas powered daily life

    Very funny!
  20. grober

    AI the Life Scientific

    Just listened to the latest LIFE SCIENTIFIC on Beeb 4. BBC Radio 4 - The Life Scientific, Nigel Shadbolt Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Southampton University is interviewed by Jim Al-Khalili. Once in a while you get an unfettered insight into the some of the...
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