1. I

    W126 stuck lifter - Damage?

    I'm just hoping for a little reassurance, or information. My 420SE developed a sticky lifter after I bought it. It had not been serviced much by the previous owner. All caught up now and is an awesome car used mainly for higher speed long journeys. The lifter problem was helped loads by an...
  2. C

    Clk500 Lifter Noise

    Hi Everyone, having recently bought a 2005 Clk500 m113 engine Ive noticed a bit of lifter/tappet noise on start up/first 5 minutes of driving. As I understand it this is fairly common with this series of engine. On some of the American forums people have been talking about a oil pipe (maybe...
  3. I

    Clacking lifter noise

    Would anybody be able to give me a rough cost estimate of what finding and replacing a clacking lifter would be? Its an '86 420SE. Runs great, just clacks every now and then on start up, definitely lifter noise.
  4. J

    SL Hardtop Lifter

    Hi Does anybody know were you can buy hardtop removers for SL's. I have just bought one with a glass panoramic roof and it weighs a ton. Any tips appreciated Thanks
  5. PeterG

    Sl hardtop lifter

    Hi Guys I am selling a manual hardtop hoist lifter on e bay MERCEDES SL HARDTOP LIFTER Item number: 2493148329 Pete
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