1. M.A.94

    Lifting car from lower control arm/wishbone

    As the title says, would it be ok to jack a w210 from the lower control arms? So i can get axle stands under the factory jacking points and then drop the car on them. Apologies if this is in the wrong section.
  2. P

    W212 Estate load cover lifting after hatch closes

    My W212 has started lifting the load cover to the upper position once the hatch has closed. Anyone else had this problem and know of a solution? Even if the cover isn't pulled across, the motor still runs and lifts the tracks up after the hatch is closed Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  3. S

    lifting the suspension on my ML

    Well having been an avid fan of the landrover badge for many years and modding of that brand I have decided to turn my attention to my newly acquired ML 430 !! I sold my last ML which was a 270cdi and regretted it as it was the best tow car that I have used, easily towing my 2t off road...
  4. C

    A207 E350 Cabriolet - Boot not lifting automatically

    Does anyone know how to change the tension of the springs to make the boot lift? Mine only unlocks when the remote key is pressed...
  5. rockits

    Halfords 5 Piece Lifting Kit - Any good?

    Anyone got one of these and can recommend it or not? Halfords 5 Piece Lifting Kit
  6. F

    Air suspension not lifting to right height on one side

    Hi I have a 2003 w211 e320 cdi with full airmatic, ive noticed over last few weeks my nsr hasnt been lifting fully. After doing some measurements today i have noticed that it sits some 20mm lower than other side in any setting (sports 1 sports 2 and comfort). Has this side just lost its...
  7. KillerHERTZ

    Crane lifting a Crane...

    Lifting a crane, lifting another crane. mVCocSSIkRQ
  8. J

    SL 320 Roof Lifting Frame

    Hi I believe there were some past treads reference availability of hardtop roof lifting frames? I've managed to install a pulley system in my garage and am now looking to find/purchase the lifting frame for a1998 320 SL Panoramic roof. Can anyone point me to a UK supplier please.Thankyou for any...
  9. G

    laquer finish lifting off door panel

    I bought my 55 reg CLK from my local MB dealer in Swansea 2 years ago, with what I was led to belive was full bodywork warrenty (as I wasn't told any different). I now find out, from the MB dealer, that the car had been resprayed (not by a MB dealer) prior to my purchase and therefore he will...
  10. O

    boot lid not lifting W202

    Hi guys I hope someone can help I have W202 230 komp / 1999 spec, last week I have noticed that the boot was not opening as it should, normally you use the key fob and the boot lid will swing fully open. I had a quick at the weekend and noticed that the passenger side pivot arm the bracket...
  11. shorty

    paint lifting from wheels

    The wheels on my 210 have paint lifting from the inner edge of the spokes , has any one here had this problem with the 01 avantgrade sport line 5 spoke wheels ?
  12. S

    SLK Alarm & Lifting Light.

    Hi all, The wife has recently purchased a 1998 slk 230k which is in immaculate condition and only done 48000 mls.However i noticed last night that the lifting light was flashing aswell as the alarm light when we looked the car.Also the curtesy light is not working as it should.It will only be on...
  13. tinkypot

    Face lifting

    Face lifting vs insurance Hi all, Just a quick question which I couldn't find from searching... Does face lifting front and rear light clusters, wing mirrors and wheels effect the price of your insurance premium? Also, what about front and rear bumpers and skirts? (I can imagine that...
  14. Howard

    C36 with lifting handle.... he has thoughtfully bolted a large black handle onto the bootlid , presumably to make it easier to put the shopping away .... :rolleyes:
  15. Paul

    Lifting wiper blade from screen.

    When washing my car I sometimes lift the wiper blade up until it clicks and stays up off the screen by a few inches. But to get it down again I have to force it which I dont like doing. Is there a correct way of lowering it back onto the screen?
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