1. johnlewis1964

    Drivers side parking light comes on on its own

    Is this normal.
  2. M

    M113k light smoke coming from exhaust

    Hi Hope everyone is doing well, I need some help please. Yesterday I realised slight smoke coming from the exhaust so when I opened the bonnet and removed the engine cover I realised oil residue around the rocker cover. Am I right to assume that the rocker cover is leaking around the seal...
  3. benlucas

    E55 W211 front fog light bulb options

    Hi all Per the title, mine are looking a bit yellow and I was wondering what options I have to make them whiter (and match the xenons.) I have just replaced the sidelights with canbus leds which are now slightly brighter than the xenons, but close enough that I'm happy with them. Been...
  4. D

    eml light with code P20E8

    Good evening, Yesterday morning my eml came on, I read the code P20E8 "reductant pressure too low" the car seemed to be running as normal, I erased the code but then it came back again this morning. Has anyone any experience with this code or have any suggestions I can try to diagnose...
  5. S

    500SEC...use indicators as side light..

    A it possible to have the indicators constantly on, like the US versions? Obviously not for use while driving, but would be a nice to have feature... Cheers Shyam
  6. 190

    W204 C180K engine diagnostic light on

    The yellow engine warning light came on today approx. 1/2 mile after a cold start. The car drove perfectly for the next 10 miles but the light remains on. I've been meaning to buy a scanner anyway but I read somewhere that if it was fleeting fault the light will clear itself after 3 re-starts...
  7. P

    door light help

    hello.i have a c204 which has not door lights.does anyone know how to retrofit them? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. W

    Need a rear light on e class w212 .

    Hi im looking for a replacement light for my w212 2013 any help.
  9. B

    ABS / EPS light on - C250 2012

    Hi there I'm new to this forum but came across it today whilst doing a bit of research on the above problem. So, I've owned my car (C250 2012) since 2014 and it has been great - I've had no problems whatsoever until a few weeks ago when all of a sudden the orange ABS light along with the...
  10. M

    CLS W219 £rd Brake Light Warning

    Had a third brake light warning pop up on the dash today. Before I go ordering a replacement brake light does anyone know if there is a common failure point on these? ie chaffed wires, seperate fuse, dodgy relay etc or even a easy way to test it? A quick look around makes replacing the 3rd lamp...
  11. P

    RHD/LHD front light conversion 2009 ML 320CDI Sport

    Hi I'm in Spain at the moment and am likely to be here for a while. I am obliged to register the car after 6 months. This means I need to change the direction of my front lights to pass their ITV. What is the best way of going about that? Thanks Pum
  12. N

    04 sl350 engine light on intermitantly

    I have an SL 350 on an 04 plate,I have no idea what I have done wrong! I have been know on the odd occasion to run the petrol tank down quite low and two Friday's ago the engine light came on, I rang my trusty Merc garage and they told me to drop it in on the Monday; by Monday morning the light...
  13. johnboy99

    C300h Engine Management Light

    Hi I recently purchased a 2015 C300h Used Approved from a main dealer some distance from home, the car was delivered/driven home without problem. Since then if I do any distance the Engine Management Light comes on after about 30 Miles with no change in performance, in fact I've just 2000 miles...
  14. M

    w219 cls fog light issue

    had a dashboard warning of 'front right fog light failure' last week... so assumed bulb issue.... it has led bulbs fitted and i did notice that the right one did flicker/flash after the warning showed. so bought some new bulbs - fitted them and the problem is still there - the right one still...
  15. R

    SL350 - R231 - Parking light failure

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, so I hope I have put this request in the correct place. An LED has apparently failed in the right hand(offside) head lamp unit. (The eyebrow light) Has anyone had a similar failure and how did you handle it? I have been quoted over £1000 just for the...
  16. R

    SL350 - R231 - Parking light failure

    The right hand eyebrow LED has failed. Does anybody know is this an easy fix? The lighting unit seems impossible to access by the look of it without taking the the front off the car.
  17. J

    Help Boot Warning light keeps flashing W208 CLK Convertable

    Hi New to site New to Mercedes too. I have bought a CLK convertable with a few problems but lately the boot warning light keeps flashing whilst driving and for some reason the alarm seem to activate a short while after locking. Can any one help ??
  18. Diesel Benz

    W222 rear fog light

    Not sure if this is the correct forum to ask but: does anyone have a photo from the W222 rear fog-light when it is actually on? I've tried to google it but only found photos where the light is off. The rear fog seems to consist of 9 separate LEDs, should all light up?
  19. B

    Engine Management Light & reduced power

    Hi all, first time post. I've just acquired a 2011 Vito 116 CDI blue effieciency but having a couple of issues already. So I've driven a few times to Cornwall from Buckinghamshire and back on day trips recently. On all occasions on the return the leg the engine management light has come on and...
  20. D

    For those who think a Cat D is "light" damage..

    Contrary to popular opinion, a Cat D doesn't mean the damage was minimal...
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