1. B

    W204 C-class - cigarette lighter socket cover

    The lighter socket which is in the centre console - has anyone had any luck removing the spring loaded cover from it neatly? With my USB adapter in it, it hangs open just enough to stop the ashtray cover from closing, which is a little irritating. (I do have an adapter which is short enough...
  2. C

    124 series - switch next to cigar lighter

    The cigar lighter is inside the front ashtray on my 1995 124-series cabriolet. Right underneath it is a "slider" - see pic. It's not mentioned in the handbook, so what does this do, please? The socket comes live only with the ignition switch into the accessory or drive positions ... and the...
  3. F

    ML270 51 plate wipers, stereo, cigarette lighter and rear wiper

    Hi My ML270 51 plate has had an intermittent fault where the wipers, stereo, cigarette lighter and rear wiper all fail at no notice. Usually they will come back at no notice either but now it appears that it has become a permanent fault.I've read somewhere that this could be a fault with a...
  4. Adeinfrance

    W124 fag lighter

    As above needed in good working order. Only need the bit you pull out, not the whole bit in the ashtray. Cheers Ade
  5. waisal

    1999 W202 Cigarette lighter

    Hello Does anyone if the cigarette lighter in a 1999 W202 can be used as a 12v power supply mine doesnt work I have checked the fuse and it is all OK also replaced 15amp fuse with a new one. Changed the ashtray and socket with a guaranteed used part and still does not work. The charger...
  6. flying banana

    E class cigar lighter wiring

    Can anyone enlighten me as to the connections to the cigar lighter in my e class. I'd like to use it as a hard wired power point for a phone charging cable, as it's easy to get to and close to the phone holder location. There are three connections - Brown (assuming ground) Grey/blue tracer...
  7. Sheffield Col

    Cigar lighter.

    Hi the cigar lighter in the centre console on my C class 220 cdi sport does not work, has any one else had this problem ?
  8. H

    cigar lighter stopped working

    Hi, I have a 6 year old e220 estate. The driver cigar lighter has stopped working but socket in luggage area is ok. Does front one have a fuse anywhere, ? If yes, where please. H
  9. T

    Lighter socket wiring, which is live?

    Hi chaps. Can someone tell me which the live is on my CLS's lighter socket cabling? i'm hardwiring a dashcam (with a 12V > 5V kit). All has gone smoothly so far. Thanks.
  10. R

    Front Cigarette Lighter NOT working E220 - LN12 Plate

    Al - a relatively new MB converter so please bear with me. Just bought 12 plate (LN12...) E220 from Car Giant <24 hours ago. Everything is great except a small niggle with front cigarette lighter not working, one at the rear works fine. I have read through the manual and it mentions that...
  11. T

    2008 CLK 220 cigarette lighter delayed switch off

    Hi Guys & Girls, quick question (Hopefully) I'm looking to extend the switch off time of my cigarette lighter right now it switches off with the engine ignition which I dont mind, however i drive other vehicles which have a delay of about 6-8 Mins, which allows things like satnav to continue...
  12. P

    R170 SLK cigarette lighter

    By continually twisting her phone converter in the cigarette lighter, my wife has managed to disconnect the cigarette lighter from its plug inside the centre console. I have removed the ciggie lighter, but the wiring on the plug inside the console isn't long enough to pull it through the hole...
  13. F

    2002 c230k Coin fell in cigarette lighter and now radio does not work

    Hi, I have a 2002 c230k coupe. A 5p coin fell in the cigarette lighter and instantly the stereo died. I understand this is probably a fuse issue. Which fuse needs to be replaced and where is it located?
  14. ricardo62

    how do i get to back of cig lighter

    Hi I refitted my radio in my e 320 cdi and i think i might of accidently pulled a connector off the back of my cigar lighter , as it now is not wrking , i use it for my satnav , , how do i remove it to check the wires , ive looked but i cant see how the surround its in , comes off . also now...
  15. smoothcoupe

    CIG lighter fuse location 2004 E55k

    Can anyone tell me CIG lighter location.
  16. J4miejenks

    Wing mirror down lighter bulbs?

    Hi guys I have a 2011 w204 and want to change the downlighter bulbs in the wing mirrors to LEDs, can this be done? If so what bulbs do I need? And is there a how to? Thanks
  17. N

    12 volt lighter sockets not working

    Does anybody have a solution or having the same problem with the 12 volt cigarette sockets? I have 1 working in the rear of the car but the other rear does not work and neither does the front. I have checked the fuses and they are fine which i thought that they would be as the 1 in the rear...
  18. Bladgb

    W639 viano cigar lighter (boot) and fusebox question

    Decided today was the day to fit a replacement cigar lighter in the viano boot. This is the one located to the right side near the jack. The reason was that the old one had a broken cover, and the inside of it was oxidised - it didn't work. I assumed this was due to the oxidation preventing a...
  19. E

    '98 W210 Cigar Lighter Part Number?

    As in the thread title, really. Does anyone know it? My cigar lighter removable element is missing - the car came from a small-time dealer, so of course it is... Can a kind soul tell me the part number, or do you need the VIN? (WDB2102742A762429). E55BOF
  20. R

    cig lighter part number???

    for the silver socket bit.. the tab at the bottom for the +ive is missing snapped off... and i need a new one... (CL)
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