1. Castor79

    w204 intelligent lighting dipped bulb?

    Hi, Quick question - my dipped bulb has blown, is this a replacement that I can order and fit myself or do I need a dealer to do it? Anyone done this and could give me an idea of cost please? thanks,
  2. Cymruambyth

    Intelligent Lighting System.

    Ok, I was checking the spec of my car and noticed 621 HEADLAMP WITH ILS, LEFT-HAND TRAFFIC What exactly does the ILS do? There seems to be different levels of spec....mine`s 2007 so what ILS features would I have?
  3. Teshie

    C63 lighting package

    I've just purchased a 2014 W204 C63 saloon and on the spec sheet it lists 876 Interior lighting package I've searched google and can't find any information describing what this entails Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance
  4. wu56Shoozz

    Vito interior lighting...

    I'm trying to change the interior light away from the single van light to the Viano Interior pod light with map reading facilities. Something like this: Does anyone know if It has a wiring loom of its own, where it connects into...
  5. N

    Ambient lighting

    Have had my 2015 E - Class for two years. I have only just noticed that the ambient lights are on permanently. Does anyone know if this should be the case? I have lights switched to auto and they are not on but ambient lighting is. Thank you.
  6. B

    Dash board lighting

    I have an Email class W212 estate and my question is. Is there any way to get the instrument lights (Speedo rev counter etc etc)to be permanently on as mine will only come on with the side light position on the light switch or when the auto lights turn on. It is some times difficult to see the...
  7. SW18

    'Intelligent lighting system inoperative' warning, and one xenon bulb is out

    Any thoughts or advice is welcome! I am hoping it is just that a bulb has gone, but I'd have expected a message that the bulb is gone rather than a message about the ILS. There's also a message that the Adaptive Lighting is inoperative. Funny enough the cornering lamps that are part of the ILS...
  8. C180AMG71

    Lighting Changes

    Changed the door card lights to "projection", the side mirror lights which face the ground are now "green" & the footwell lights are now colour-changing LED's with a remote control. Will add pic's soon.
  9. The Boss

    w212 DRL lighting

    my drivers side drl light has stopped working. changed the fitting, still not working.. any idea on the fuse perhaps or SAM? let me know guys
  10. A

    No ambient lighting option in a S350D AMG Line 2014?

    Yesterday I became the proud owner of a wonderful S350D AMG Line, 2014 make. Being the simpleton that I am, shortly after revving the engine and all the goodies, I wanted to admire the interior, sadly I was disappointed to find Ambient Lighting option is nowhere inside Vehicle Settings, all I...
  11. J

    Van led lighting

    Looking at putting led lighting in the back of a sprinter van to replace strip lights. Has anyone done this, if so where did you buy them from.
  12. oldmedic999

    Changing in internal roof lighting W219.

    I am looking at changing my internal Ceiling lights to LED's. Has anyone got a clue were to were to get the bulbs and how to fit them. original lights seem a little dim after 6 years. Thanks in advance :doh:
  13. R

    C220 W204 Replacing the intelligent lighting corner lights

    I think this might help someone, I removed my H7 cornering light and couldn't figure out for the life of me how to put the damn thing back in! Anyway I've figure it out, so hopefully this will help someone else who's googling. Anyway here goes. The trick to getting the bulb holder back in...
  14. S

    Intelligent lighting issues

    Hi All, Just got a 2010 plate w204 c class 250 cgi and need advice on the intel lighting. I contacted MB with vehicle details and they confirmed the car does have the system fitted. After reading other members issues I set the light switch to A(auto), and pushed the indicator stalk fully...
  15. B

    R129 odd lighting fault- help needed with diag.

    Hi, 1992 sl 500. All day driving lights turn on (front side, number plate, rear side lights) when car sat unused for days or weeks. No alarm fitted, keys not in. Def not leaving switch on. Runs batt flat. Had new battery. Repaired lighting monitor module (for diff issue) still doing it, I don't...
  16. carnut

    ambient lighting fault

    I have 2015 model SL400. There should be 3 ambient lighting settings effectively red, orange, yellow. It only has 2 colours although there are 3 available in the settings. Its a new car and MB cant fix the fault on STAR and have passed it to MB HQ who want pictures! As its a 80 mile round...
  17. O

    CLS W218 ambient lighting

    I had a look (laying on the floor looking up!) - and the ambient lighting strips seem to be fitted into the wooden door trims and around the dash but I dont have access to them through the computer system. Does anyone know if these are, or could be connected to work as an after...
  18. V

    Rear seat ambient lighting issue

    Hi all, completely new to MB ownership, and picked up a 2009 CLS320 two weeks ago. I have turned off the ambient lighting using the steering wheel controls, and the front 'pod' has gone out. The rear one however still comes on when the headlights are switched on. There are two buttons on the...
  19. Gaz-M

    Vito 639 With Emergency Lighting Activating- Fault Code

    Im having bother with my 2008 Vito 639 for months, it is randomly and often activating the emergency lighting showing on the highline dash (am i right in thinking it switches to fog lamps?) after switching on the headlights. What i normally notice is i switch the headlights on, nothing happens...
  20. Dave.tam

    Exterior lighting issue

    Afternoon all, I have only had my W205 a couple of weeks, yet the LED in my OSR door handle isn't working. Not sure if it ever was tbh as I only noticed the lights illuminating the exterior handles the other night lol I have been back to my dealer to get in booked in, but does anyone know...
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